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Will Connington – A Profile

Greetings folks, pleasure to meet you all! Will Connington here, live from Dublin and joining in the crew! We will talk all things casino, both real and online. Blackjack is my forte, but I’ve been doing slots since I was a wee lad; I hope that you will enjoy the stories I have to share with you!

Will Connington – Blog Author
  • Name:Will Connington
  • Born: 22.11.1987
  • Zodiac sign:Scorpio
  • Hobbies:Writing, Card Games, Casinos, Slots, Fantasy books
Motto: A true Englishman doesn’t joke when he is talking about so serious a thing as a wager.

I was born and raised in Liverpool, not far from the river Mersey. Football was my earliest passion, and my family drafted me to the Reds part of the city. It was there that my Da first taught me how to play the cards, though I couldn’t visit casinos yet, being minor and all. I was there for the coach tour after the 2005 Champions League final, and trust me – it was boss!

In the same year I moved to Leeds though, to study Finance in the university. It was there that I got a little more hooked to math and odds, and started frequenting the local Grosvenor. Don’t expect a Throp story, even though I read How to Beat the Dealer – I’ve always been far too casual in my plays, and quickly discovered the relaxing magic of the slot machine. I would go on mixed sessions, sticking to the blackjack table when studies and work weren’t too demanding, and turning to slots each time I was too tired.

After graduating (full honours, I might say!) I took a gap year to travel a little bit. Left the UK and went trekking across Northern Europe, only to find it far too Baltic for my taste. I even reached Russia – tensions still weren’t that strained back then, and Moscow was a sight to behold! I never managed to realize my dream of reaching Mongolia and trying my hand at Moshik – time and money did not allow for that.

During this year I had my last serious touch with land-based casinos, since after that I would be starting work and moving to Dublin. I’ve been living in Ireland since then, working in Finance and slowly getting the hang of a committed relationship – so I no longer have time to go to real casinos. I’ve turned to online gambling instead, and found out that most of my experience can transfer to the computer screen quite easily.

It’s been something like 6-7 years now since I set out to conquer the world of online casinos, so I believe I have sufficient know-how to share with the readers here at The online casino world is much easier to tour. It took me more than five years to realize my Mongolia dream – that’s right, it happened! – but I can safely say that I’ve been to more online casinos than real ones. Especially considering that the missus never grew much attracted to gambling – but all is fine as long as I keep winning!

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