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The Best SG Slots & Top Scientific Games Casinos in the UK

This page will attempt to dig deep into the world of Scientific Games Interactive slots and its army of subsidiaries. Not only will you find the best SG slots in the UK today, but we’ll look at some of the most impressive SG casinos and get to the bottom of what makes this developer so successful. You can also play SG free slots by clicking the links in the hub above.

The Top 10 Best SG Slots for 2024

  1. Raging Rhino (The Best Scientific Games Slot for High Paylines)
  2. Black Knight (Excellent for Low Betting Limits Play)
  3. Buffalo Spirit (Great Theme & Payout SG Game Online)
  4. Egyptian Riches (Highest Potential Max Win of 500,000x)
  5. Kronos (Best Up to 100 Free Spins Round)
  6. Aftershock Frenzy (The Best RTP SG Interactive Reel Game)
  7. Zeus (Top Features & Bonus Rounds)
  8. Spartacus Call to Arms (Great Jackpot Payouts & Wild Multiplier Wins)
  9. Elvis: The King Lives (Top-Rated SG Slot with Unconventional Setup)
  10. Super Jackpot Party (Great Casino Slot with Simplistic Gameplay)

The Best Scientific Games RTP Slots

Although the SG Interactive slots can compete with other huge brands like NetEnt and Microgaming, not that many games from this software provider are recognised worldwide.Raging Rhino, Black Knight and a few others iconic titles in the table below perhaps make an exception. Check them out along with the additional useful information on their themes, RTP percentage, play areas, and ratings.

SG Slots RTP Theme Reels Rows Paylines Rating
Raging Rhino 95.91% Adventure, Animals, Africa 6 4 4096 4.50
Zeus 95.97% Mythology 5 3 30 4.40
Aftershock Frenzy 97.00% Entertainment 3 3 5 4.30
Spartacus Call to Arms 96.05% History 5 4 50 4.30
Elvis: The King Lives 96.09% Entertainment 11 Unconventional 80 4.30
Black Knight 96.07% Ancient World, Mystical, Kings 5 3 30 4.25
Buffalo Spirit 95.97% Nature, Animals, Fun 5 3 30 4.25
Super Jackpot Party 96.01% Entertainment 5 3 20 4.20
Egyptian Riches 95.99% Ancient World, Mystical, Egypt 5 3 20 4.15
Kronos 95.94% Mythology, Temples, Gods 5 3 20 4.00

You should know the Raging Rhino slot as it can be played at just about every Scientific Games casino in the UK. A great payout rate of nearly 96% puts it very close to the top performing slots by the RTP factor which we will analyse in a bit. The other 9 titles in the table are also among the most famous Scientific Games online offerings. Kronos has a newer second version, which speaks for itself, while the Black Knight does not make an exception too.

The Best Scientific Games Casinos in the UK

Despite its size and influence over the wider gambling industry in general, Scientific Games Interactive is not exactly operating a monopoly over the online casino slots market. Those of you that know a thing or two about this business will have heard of the big boys in this field. The big three that includes NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming are widely considered the three major pillars of online slots and you’ll find that these three companies dominate the game libraries of almost every legitimate online casino out there today. However, SG manages to sneak several of its bigger games into the mix, and you won’t struggle to find these products out in the wild.

Scientific Games Casinos Number of Slots Bonus Casino Rating To the Site T&C
170+ 100% More Coins on your 1st purchase 5.0 Visit Site
300+ 1000 Coins or 100 Free Spins for New Players 4.9 Visit Site
150+ Get 100 Free Spins New Players Gift 4.9 Visit Site

The casinos we have selected above offer a selection of Scientific Games Interactive slots as part of their online game libraries. When selecting our top three for this software developer, we considered more than just the total number of SG Interactive slot games. The quality of the available titles is a key factor, as is how many of the total library make the jump to mobile. Finally, we cannot ignore the bonuses and promotional deals that these operators offer. Whilst the tide is changing with regards to these deals and the practices associated with them, they remain a key deciding factor for a lot of online casino players.

  • Awesome Welcome Bonuses at the Top Scientific Games Casino Sites;
  • Every Online Casino in Our List is Reviewed Thoroughly and Checked for Safety and Licensing;
  • The Video Slots Offer the Greatest Contribution Towards the Wagering Reqs;
  • The SG Slot Games Feature Various Titles by Numerous In-House Software Developers;

The Newest Video Slots

There is no doubt that some of the best titles from Scientific Games UK are the newest ones. The slots are the core of online gaming, which is why this company keeps releasing high-quality software for slot playing year after year. You can see some of the latest titles in the next table. Of course, it is not complete but it features only the top SG Interactive games based on the structure of the play area, in-game features and rewards, betting limits, and storylines.

Latest Slots Structure Bet per Spin Review
The Wizard of Oz Road to Emerald City 3×1 £0.35 – £70 To the review
Star Trek Red Alert 5×3 £0.35 – £105 To the review
Spartacus Call to Arms 5×4 £0.25 – £50 To the review
Lady of Egypt Unconventional £0.35 – £175 To the review
Cluedo Spinning Detectives Slot 5×4 £0.40 – £200 To the review
Frozen Inferno 5×4 £0.40 – £200 To the review
Epic Monopoly 2 Unconventional £0.50 – £50 To the review

This Scientific Games review delivers you only the essence of what you can play for the ultimate gambling experience and the 7 games above are the best examples of it. Most of them are released in 2016 but there are also slots that originate from 2017 and from 2018, such as the Wizard of Oz Road to Emerald City. You can be sure that these new SG slots feature awesome graphics and sound effects, plenty of features like bonus rounds and free spins, and more. Go to the specific review of each slot to enjoy SG Interactive free games because we offer demo playing for practising and learning as well.

The Best Slot Games from SG

SG has been sweeping up smaller gaming companies for 85 years now, and you may find that your favourite titles of the past are now branded under the same umbrella. The company also owns a couple of big licences such as American sitcom classic Seinfeld and British secret agent franchise 007 James Bond. The main frustration with Scientific Games slot machines is that a lot of its bigger brands are only available at a land-based casino offered through its range of betting terminals. In the online gambling space, most of the SG casino games that come with its branding are developed by a fully owned subsidiary such as WMS or Barcrest.

The one shining light in the slot library is the Monopoly licence. The developer has managed to secure a deal with Hasbro and has made the most of it, pumping out several slots using the top-hatted mascot. Outside of the Monopoly stuff, SG-owned brands don’t exactly break new ground when it comes to design, gameplay or innovative features. You get the sense that the company is struggling to bridge the gap between its online and offline products. Some of the best SG slots at land-based casinos, almost entirely operated by the company in the UK, are a million miles behind what is available online today. The provider has tried to solve this by buying up companies, but the problem is a long way from being solved.

Top Performing SG Games Based on RTP

Playing SG Interactive casino games with the highest RTP percentages offers a series of advantages because, simply put, they offer the best return. The 10 titles in the next table include some of the Scientific Games online slots with the highest RTP percentage. We have listed SG Interactive free slots spins for your entertainment. Note that we included mostly slots with over 96% RTP but you can find dozens of other fabulous titles with quite higher rates too.

High Paying Slots RTP Wager Limits Free Spins Paylines Rows Reels
Aftershock Frenzy 97.00% £0.25 – £100 7 5 3 3
Frozen Inferno 96.36% £0.4 – £200 Unlimited 40 4 5
Zeus 3 96.10% £0.40 – £80 50 192 Unconventional 6
Elvis: The King Lives 96.09% £0.05 – £200 20 80 Unconventional 11
Lady of Egypt 96.08% £0.35 – £175 30 9 Unconventional Unconventional
Cluedo Spinning Detectives 96.06% £0.4 – £200 7 40 4 5
Spartacus Call to Arms 96.05% £0.25 – £50 10 50 4 5
Lunaris 96.04% £0.1 – £250 25 100 16 10
Red Flag Fleet 96.04% £0.40 – £100 40 192 7 6
Epic Monopoly 2 96.01% £0.5 – £50 20 100 Unconventional 10

Another interesting thing to point out is the rather unconventional layouts of these high-paying SG slots. Typically, players are used to a 5 by 3 playing area while the ‘smallest’ ones from the table above feature 4 rows of symbols. This gives not only more ways to win (paylines) but also the possibility to enjoy more extravagant gameplay with innovative features and captivating storylines. We will give you more insight into that in the next section.

Gameplay Innovation and Scientific Games Jackpots

In terms of innovation, Scientific Games slots are hard to evaluate when the library is made up of so many subsidiaries and smaller companies. On the one hand, the developer seems to be stuck in the past. Simple five-reel, three-row slots that can be easily sold to land-based casinos are this company’s bread and butter, but to an online player these SG slot machines are outdated and, quite frankly, dull. However, the stuff coming out of Barcrest – which in itself has been going for more than 50 years – is often the most modern feeling content that SG has its name on.

Super Monopoly Money slot gameplay
Super Monopoly Money – The Property Game Classic

Try your luck on the property market with this officially licensed slot based on the timeless classic board game from Hasbro. There’s a bonus feature here that goes well beyond what we’ve come to expect from SG gameplay, making this one of the top games from this developer. All your favourite board pieces are here in symbol form. Give it a go!

Montezuma slot gameplay
Montezuma – Aztec Action

Dive into this Aztec world of princesses and warriors from WMS. Ancient South American culture runs right through this 30 payline slot game with a fantastic soundtrack to match. This might not be the most feature-rich game that falls under the SG umbrella but it is one of the prettiest. No human sacrifices required to play this one!

OMG! Kittens slot gameplay
OMG! Kittens –  Painfully Cute

Wow, this one is cute. OMG! Kittens may swim a little too close to the sun in terms of marketing a gambling product to children, but for adults that just can’t get enough of these little furry felines this SG game might be what you’ve been looking for. Enjoy this game with a tea in hand and set yourself up for an afternoon of splendour.

Lunaris slot gameplay
Lunaris – Tranquil Gambling

This SG game is all about tranquillity. The peaceful soundtrack and constellation-filled visuals are a welcome respite from the loud and flashy slot machines that swamp the market. The Colossal Reels feature that WMS has become known for add excellent gameplay mechanics that keep things interesting. Perfect game to play before tucking yourself into bed.

The games featured above are some of my favourites from this game library. I have not bothered to separate the Scientific Games subsidiaries here. Whether the game is made by Barcrest, WMS, or whoever, if it is now owned by SG Gaming then it qualifies to feature on this page in my book. One of the most favourably reviewed is Zeus 1000, with its Colossal Reels feature. We hope that more jackpot slots will become available in the future. Still, remember that the jackpot games do not always bring high rewards. Meanwhile, keep reading our article to learn more about your gaming options.

How Do SG Slots Perform on Mobile?

SG Digital, the arm of the business that handles all of Scientific Games’ online casino products and services, uses an omnichannel approach to development. In simple terms, that means that the game you play on a mobile device or tablet is the same game you play on a desktop computer. With simultaneous launch available on any device you can think of, there is no ‘mobile version’ anymore. This is the industry standard these days. The days of mobile versions of slots are numbered. For a lot of people in the UK today, the most powerful computer they own is in their pocket. We have played these SG casino games on both desktop and mobile and can tell you that the experience is exactly the same.

The Omni-Channel Gaming Solution by Scientific Games Digital

Company Information and History

The company structure is slightly more complicated than that of other online slot game developers. Firstly, there’s SG Gaming. That company makes all the land-based slot terminals and software as well as lottery and sports products. Then there’s SG Interactive, which focuses more on software and online products with the wholly owned subsidiary NYX Gaming Group. Together these two brands are known as SG Digital.

Of course, all of these are divisions of Scientific Games Corporation, a company with revenues close to $3 billion and total assets of around $8 billion. The company has offices all over the world, including Manchester, Stockholm, Chicago, Tel Aviv and Las Vegas. If you need to contact the company there are several SG Interactive phone numbers that are toll-free for a number of countries, including the UK.

The SG offices in Manchester.
  • Company Details
  • Manufacturer:
  • Software Developer: Scientific Games
  • Located: Global
  • Founded: 1973
  • CEO: Kevin Sheehan
  • Website and Contact
  • Website
  • Email
  • Telephone +44 113 385 5000
  • Employees 10,000+

Bigger isn’t always better, and this developer is a bit like the old-timer, struggling to keep pace with the young up-and-coming innovators on the scene. Compared to some of the more exciting game-makers such as Betsoft, SG feels a bit stale. So far, the company has tried to buy its way out of this problem, but even that hasn’t had much of an impact. It is possible that online is just a side business for this very profitable gaming company, though, but that’s not the mentality that aspiring monopolies usually possess. For more information on the top slots developers operating in the UK market today, check out my homepage where you find the best online slots.

Top Alternatives to the SG Slots

There are plenty of famous software developers, each of which offers a tonne of amazing games in its portfolios. This means that it’s rather difficult to point out which are the best alternatives to Scientific Games UK. However, we made a collection of 6 software companies that enjoy worldwide recognition, alongside some of their best slots and the best online casinos where you can play them. So, if you sometimes want to step up your Scientific Games casino experience, make sure to play all or at least some of the online slots in this table.

Scientific Games Alternative Best Slot RTP Welcome Bonus* Best Casino
Pixies of The Forest 94.90% £25 + 20 Spins Full T&Cs apply.. New customers. Opt-in required. 20 Bonus Spins on "Sahara Riches Cash Collect" at 10p per spin and 100% Deposit Bonus up to £25 on first deposit (payment method and play restrictions apply). Min. deposit £10. 30x wagering for Bonus Spins and Deposit Bonus (game weighting applies). Max. £5/spin or £0.50/line. 30 days expiry. Please gamble responsibly • • T&Cs apply
Nirvana 96.20% Up to £200 + 11 Wager-Free Bonus Full T&Cs apply.. 18+. New Customers only. £10 minimum deposit required, 20 x wagering before you can withdraw the bonus funds. Contributions to wagering vary by game. You can forfeit the bonus and take the winnings and paid out bonus funds. Bonus will be paid out in 10% increments to your cash account. Max bet per spin is 50% of your deposit up to £20.
Leprechaun Goes Egypt 96.75% £100 + 200 Spins Full T&Cs apply.. 18+ Full T&C's Apply. New players Only. £10 min deposit. £5 max bet using bonus. 40 x wagering applies. Bonus valid for 14 days. Minimum £5 wager to activate 200 Spins. 20 Spins on Starburst will be credited per day for 10 days after qualifying deposit/wager is met. Free Spins valid for 72 hours from credit. Max Free Spins winnings £100. Skrill + Neteller excluded. Always refer to Bonus Terms
Reel Rush 97.00% 80 Free Spins Full T&Cs apply.. 18+ .This offer is only available for first time depositors. Min deposit is £10. 50 Free Spins on Book of Dead. Spin Value: £0.10. After your first deposit you may claim your 30 Extra Free Spins by visiting the Kicker Section. The Prize Twister awards a random prize of either cash or free spins. For Free Spins the general free spins terms apply. No min withdrawal. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. This offer is only available for specific players that have been selected by PlayOJO. If you have arrived on this page not via the designated offer via PlayOJO you will not be eligible for the offer. OJO’s Rewards and Game Play policy applies. Play Responisbly.
Jurassic Park 96.67% £100 Full T&Cs apply.. 18+. New players Only. £10 minimum deposit. 40x wagering applies. Bonus valid for 14 days. Minimum £5 wager required to activate 300 free spins. 30 free spins will be credited per day for 10 days after qualifying deposit/wager is met. Free spins valid for 72 hours from credit -

The superior gameplay of the NetEnt and Microgaming games kind of outperforms that of SG Interactive games. That’s why we put companies like IGT, Quickspin and Yggdrasil in the first place. Well, they are amazing software providers as well and their games are among the most popular ones on the UK casino floor. You definitely need to play slots like Phoenix Sun, Reel Rush or Jurassic Park next time when you want something to differentiate your Scientific Games online experience!

FAQ and Important Details

Finally, make sure to check out our FAQ section which will give you more details on the SG slots and the best online casinos where you can play them. Also, visit the software developer’s official website to follow up the details and the newest releases, and don’t forget that the online casinos offer several ways for customer support where you can ask your further questions.

🏆 Which are the best SG slots?

According to our research, the best SG slots possess high return-to-player rates, amazing features, top bonus rounds, and fantastic graphics. You can enjoy high-quality Scientific Games slots at the suggested top-rated online casinos that accept UK players. Don't miss out on the opportunity to spin the reels of the excellent SG games online.

🥇 How to Find the Best Scientific Games Casinos in the UK?

We mentioned some of the best Scientific Games casinos in the UK in this review. Examples include PlayOJO, Grosvenor, and 888 Casino, but if you are about to play somewhere else – there are a couple of essential factors to consider. First, check out carefully the welcome bonus if you are new to the casino. Second, find out how many SG slots you can play there. Third, take a look at the footer of the site and search for certificates and labels of approval to make sure that the casino is safe and certified.

📊 What Is Variance and Does it Affect the SG Slots?

It is a quite complex indicator showing how much the slot's RTP % will vary between the different spins in one game session. For the Scientific Games online slots volatility, this indicator shows up a medium to high variance, so it certainly does affect the performance of the games. Most often, we have a medium variance. Keep in mind, however, that the slots with higher variance like Kronos may sometimes offer you very small payouts and sometimes – quite big prizes.

🤷 I Can't Find SG Slot Games with Classic 5x3 Layouts – What to Do?

There is nothing wrong with the layouts with 6, 7, or more reels/rows. You just need to get used to the different arrangement of the symbols and the paylines, and those SG Slot games can easily become your most favourite ones. However, if you still want to play in a 5-reel 3-row layout, there is no need to worry either. Almost every Scientific Games casino offers such games and they are awesome. Examples include Sea of Tranquillity, Montezuma, Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers, Gold Fish, and the list goes on. Give them a go!

🔏 What Licences and Certificates for Safety Does SG Games Hold?

According to information on the official SG Digital website, this software provider is regulated by the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA), the UKGC, the Government of Gibraltar, Alderney Gambling Commission, the Gambling Commission of the Isle of Man, and also by French and Swedish authorities. Overall, it's safe to say that every Scientific Games casino is licensed and trustworthy while the slots of this software provider offer absolutely reliable and fair results.

Summary and Main Highlights – Our Final Overview

This Scientific Games review is near the bottom line and as to summarise, we would like to point out the greatest pros of the SG slots. Well, there are no major setbacks as it is one of the top software developers on the online casino floor in the UK. You can expect amazing gaming experiences while playing at your Scientific Games casino and we should highlight the amazing quality and performance of the games as the main reason for that. From a high RTP percentage to the rather unconventional play areas and the lower betting limits that are perfect for first-time players – Scientific Games UK definitely offers an unforgettable gambling adventure. The best thing is that you can enjoy it at a great number of UK online casinos and we would like to show you the top three of them right next.

Type Casino Bonus Bonus Code Minimum Deposit Credited T&C
Deposit £20 Play with £50
£100 + 88 Free Spins
5 104 96 Full T&Cs apply.. No Deposit Offer: New players with valid mobile number only • Claim in 48 hrs • 14 day expiry • Valid for selected games • Pre-1st deposit only: FS voucher winnings is uncapped, bonus wins & max redeemable amount for non-funded players capped at £100, excl. JP wins • Wager Bonus x1 - req. contributions vary by game • Bonus expires in 90 days • Deposit Offer: 1st time depositor at 888casino only • £20 min deposit • Claim in 48 hrs • Valid for selected games • Bonus wins capped at £500, excl. JP wins • Pre-1st deposit only: Bonus wins & max redeemable amount capped at £100, excl. JP wins • 30x wagering – req. vary by game • Bonus expires in 90 days • Payment method & country restrictions apply • Withdrawal terms, No Deposit Offer terms & Deposit Bonus Offer terms apply.
500 Spins
10 180 87 Full T&Cs apply.. 18+ UK only. Win up to 500 spins from Mega Wheel on 1st deposit. 24-hour expiry. Max bet £2.50, Max Spins win £8 per 10 spins, Max Bonus win £150, selected games & 65x wagering on winnings. Min deposit £10. No Neteller/Skrill. Full T&Cs apply. Please keep your play safe and fun.
The Top 3 Scientific Slot Games Casinos. Widest Selection of Scientific Games Slots. Generous Payout Rates. Omni-Channel Mobile Experience.
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