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CLUEDO Spinning Detectives Slot: The Complete Case

The game is afoot! Grab your magnifying glass, and hurry down to the old mansion. There’s been a murder! Only you can solve it, and you haven’t even got a trusty fool of a sidekick to help you out. Spin the wheels in this update of the classic game, by Scientific Games. Collect clues and see if you can slot all the pieces together to finger the culprit. You can even try out a demo version of the game below!

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An Overview of the Rules and Features

This game is aptly mysterious. As in, we really don’t know exactly how to explain how it all works to you. And, to be honest, we are not 100% convinced that Scientific Games do either. They do provide a lengthy crib sheet for the game, but you need the intuition of Miss Marple to grasp it. We reckon that the only way to fully understand it is to give it a go and learn on the job. You must try to work your way through the different rooms of the house, collecting clues and bonuses along the way. To open a room, match three room symbols on the main reel. If you successfully progress through different rooms, you can accumulate decent wins. The wilds are really helpful here (though they seem as confusing as a dead body found in a locked room at first). Basically, they each replace certain symbols in order to help you make matches, but act in different ways: for example, the book and poison wilds replace entire reels. The other way to win in the game is to activate the bonus feature. Here, you pick seven cards and try to gather as many bonuses as possible, which then multiply your winnings from that original spin. The game’s soundtrack is eery and mysterious with a touch of excitement. Admittedly, this is pretty apt for a murder mystery set in an old house, but perhaps some music straight out of a 1920s drama would have been better. Together with the fairly poor visuals, CLUEDO Spinning Detectives is definitely left looking a little criminal in its execution.

Game Information
CategoryUnconventional Slot
Paylines40 fixed
Lines PayLeft to right
Bet per Spin£0.4 - £200
Return to Player96.06%
Basic Rules
WildYes: Varies depending on room
Free SpinsYes: Opens room functions
Bonus RoundYes: Pick 7 cards to accumulate bonuses
Progressive JackpotYes: Pays up to 50.000
Maximum WinYes: x8,000
Special FeaturesYes: Free spin room features

All Symbols and Payouts

Symbol3 Symbols4 Symbols5 Symbols
Yellow Woman2004001000
Blue Woman2004001000
Green Man2004001000
Lead Pipe50100500

Here’s a Demo Video

Conclusion – Give Us a Clue!

This game is not exactly elementary, my dear player…. But, if you can get to the bottom of this game, then it definitely has its perks. The gameplay is fun and has a few unexpected twists to keep you on the edge of your seat. But it doesn’t need to be so confusing in its layout and rules, and the visuals simply aren’t good enough. It might be set in the past, but with top-quality graphics in most new slot games, CLUEDO Spinning Detectives will surely get left for dead if it’s not updated. In all honesty, if you’re looking for a good mystery to solve, you’re better off grabbing a copy of an old Agatha Christie. Did you manage to catch the murderer? Let us know in the comments below.

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