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Introduction to Top 10 Sports Slots
By: Will ConningtonJanuary 4, 2021

The Best Sports Slots Games Online for 2021

Tired of sitting in one spot and wishing for excitement in your slot games? Then let’s move those muscles with the top 10 sports slots! Betting has been a part of sports ever since the 19th century, and people still enjoy predicting the results of a match or race. Thus, it is no surprise that […]

Santa Claus Slots
By: Will ConningtonDecember 30, 2020

The Best Santa Claus Slots Games Online for 2021

We have created a top 10 list of the most played and liked Santa Claus slots. In every game that you will see below the main character is the jolly old man. What makes each slot special is the graphics, the presentation of Santa’s character, and the prizes. Here you will find cartoony, fun, furry, […]

Meet the Flintstones
By: Sarah JonesDecember 28, 2020

Best Flintstone Slot Machines to Play Online

Do you still remember that show called The Flintstones, from back in the day? The exciting and fun adventures of Fred with his fellow friend Barney and their families. Now, the time has come for us to enter deep into the stone-age and experience the wild adventures of the Flintstones and their dinosaur and human […]

Top 10 Football Slots
By: Will ConningtonDecember 25, 2020

The Best Football Slots Games Online for 2021

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a truly historic match. We’ll be watching a fantastic game, played by the top 10 football slots. Terrific bonuses, innovative gameplay and a good dose of classic slot fun await you in this list. Read on to learn more about the slot machine football rules. Here is a brief overview […]

Japanese Slots
By: Will ConningtonDecember 22, 2020

The Best Japanese Slots Games Online for 2021

There are many Japanese slots available to the players from all over the world, but we managed to select the 10 best Japanese slots online for . In our review, you will find historical and futuristic games; fun and adventurous games; simple and complicated gameplays; heroes and beautiful ladies. We entered a short description of […]

Pop Art Donald Trump
By: Cat MarshallDecember 17, 2020

The Best Donald Trump Slot Machine Games Online

This decade started unexpectedly, to say the least. However, we all knew one thing was bound to happen – the US presidential election. Speaking of which, Mr Trump tends to be blunt and say whatever is on his mind, often turning himself into a laughingstock. Which leads us to the theme of this article, the […]

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