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Jurassic Park Slot Review A Dinosaur Party with the Top Microgaming Slot

It comes with an extra wide play area for an in-depth gaming experience, adventure style backdrops and gorgeous symbols of Velociraptors, T-Rex, Triceratops and other Jurassic Park creatures. We will also show you the best Jurassic Park online casino to step up your gaming experience even more! Stay tuned and you shall find all you need to know before entering into the Jurassic jungle adventure while playing this video slot. From useful tips and tricks to essential bits of advice that will help organise your bets wisely, all the important information is synthesised here in one place. It’s a pretty long slot review so sit back, relax and unwind, and let’s dive into the Jurassic games!

Jurassic Park Slot Free Demo Version: Try It Before You Buy It!

We offer you a demo version in the window down below, where you could experience everything from the clicking sounds when the cascading reels stop to the clicking sounds of the Velociraptors. This slot is inspired by the first Jurassic Park release from 1993. A film by Steven Spielberg, it transformed the world in many ways. Let’s take the numerous Jurassic Park-themed amusement parks, the waterparks, the TV series, the Jurassic-themed shops and so on. Well, nearly 20 years after the first movie, in 2014, it was time for Microgaming to develop a wonderful reincarnation of Jurassic Park in the form of a video slot. The demo version that you can find here on offers you all the features of the original version only that you could wager with demo credits instead of real money. It’s a great choice to start your adventure at a Jurassic Park UK casino.

Try for free and you can see for yourself how amazing the Jurassic jungle could be when big bets and wins are at stake. Furthermore, playing for fun with demo credits is simply the best way for learning and training, especially if you are a first-time British player. Here in this review, you can find more about the stunning effects and the top-notch Microgaming quality of the adventure slot, but there is nothing to compare with demo playing. Although it is packed with special effects and features, the slot loads quickly and this is typical for all the Jurassic games from Microgaming.

Jurassic Park GameInstant Play > Start!Play Free Demo Version Directly in Your Browser

Play the Adventure Slot for Real Money!

In demo mode, you may easily score a mega win thanks to the retriggering T-Rex feature and free spin rounds, but only playing with real money offers an opportunity to win real money too. There are many factors that play a major role in deciding at which UK online casino to play. Most of all, it is essentially important to play at a safe casino. This means a reliable and secure gambling site that has many or at least the most important badges on its footer. Examples include UKGC, MGA, GamblingAware, GamCare and the list goes on. These seals of approval confirm that the casino’s security meets the best practices and industry standards and that the games are certified as fair with unbiased results. Furthermore, there are many Jurassic casino sites in the UK and only a few of them offer really tempting conditions for their first-time players.

That’s why we recommend you playing the Jurassic Park slots at Hippodrome Casino! As we’ve explained in detail, casino welcome bonuses are usually very important, especially if they include free spins on slot games. In our case, the welcome bonus at this Jurassic casino includes only a bonus which is spread within the first three deposits. PayPal is also accepted among the other E-wallet methods for a transaction. You can see down below a small table with 4 other Jurassic Park online casino sites and a comparison of some very important factors. So, you should already know what’s the best British casino to play Jurassic Park games online!

Find the Best Jurassic Park Casino
Slotomania Welcome Bonus 100% More Coins Accepts PayPal Doesn't Accept PayPal Play
House of Fun 1000 Coins or 100 Free Spins for New Players Doesn’t Accept PayPal Play
Caesars Slots Get 100 Free Spins New Players Gift Doesn’t Accept PayPal Play

Once you make your deposit and you load the game on your browser, just a glimpse will be enough to realise that Jurassic Park is undoubtedly one of the best Microgaming slots. Of course, you will better appreciate it if you are a real fan of the movie and you very well know who Dr Hammond, Grant or Malcolm are. If this is your case, you will need another quick glimpse to recognise the majestic dinosaurs featured in the slot just by looking their heads appearing on the reels. The original Jurassic Park movie might be from the last century and to feature old-school quality and visual effects. Nevertheless, this video slot is created only a few years ago by one of the world’s most famous game developers – Microgaming. This means second-to-none quality, plenty of settings and features, amazing details and indulging storylines. Keeping in mind that the slot offers a maximum win of 1,900,000 coins per round, we could say that it really is a pretty opportunistic pastime to enjoy in your free time and especially when you are feeling lucky.

This is certainly one of the best Jurassic Park slots and it can easily be found at Hippodrome Online Casino via the search engine. The game loads in a few seconds and once you hear the majestic Jurassic jungle background sounds, you can easily take a pick of playing with either credits or coins. This is adjustable from a major button in the game while another option is to open the settings menu and select your preferences from over there. Of course, Hippodrome is only one great Jurassic casino to put high on the agenda. If you want to learn more about it, then you should read our complete Hippodrome Casino review and find out all the tiny specs and details about this wonderful UK gambling site. Hippodrome takes care of its first-time players by providing an extremely attractive package solution. Also known as the Welcome Pack, this huge bonus offers up to £50 in three tranches and you can learn more about that in the linked review. So, let’s put off aside the officialities and let’s dive into the true essence of the Jurassic Park UK adventure!

Jurassic Park Slot – Review and Contents

We have to give Microgaming an extra credit for creating a wonderful video slot based upon the first Jurassic Park movie. It wouldn’t be possible to make such a good and successful game with the technologies available 20 years ago, but nowadays, it is. Players can enjoy a unique sense of participation in a jungle adventure. This is a result of the captivating visual and sound effects for AR (Augmented Reality) such as ASMR and Parallax Scrolling which we will tell you more about later down the review.

Another top characteristic of this video slot is the availability of not just one, but 5 different rounds with free spins. These rounds combine many special features that otherwise would be a part of a separate bonus round. This is a key factor that differentiates this game among other Jurassic Park slots. There are no downsides with this slot. Perhaps, only that sometimes the reels cannot stop spinning for quite a while and it looks like a bug, but it’s not. It is one of the many methods to create suspense before the T-Rex Alert or something else appear. Who knows… maybe it was because the slot was overwhelmed by smashing the spin button for many hours. If you already played Jurassic Park slot, feel free to rate it in the field down below. Note! You can see the individual score only after you’ve voted!

Player Score
4.50 of 5
4.50/5 (6 votes)
Expert Score
Rated 5.00 out of 5 stars
  • Experience
  • Features & Jackpots
  • Theme & Symbols
  • Coin Levels & Limits
  • Graphics & Animation
  • Sounds & Music

How to Play and Basic Instructions

Jurassic Park is a 243 payline video slot or as the developers from Microgaming used to say: it is one of the greatest ‘243 Ways to Win’ games. There are many releases from the same software developer that feature so many ways to win. With regard to the play area, it is pretty much a classical matrix of 5 reels X 3 rows, transforming the game into one of the best Jurassic Park slots ever. Yes, there are a few other versions which is normal for the popularity of the theme, and we will tell you about the other Jurassic Park slots too. Spinning the reels is very easy thanks to a big red button on the right-hand side of the game menu. After that, it’s all about luck and fascinating Jurassic casino adventure.

It is important to highlight that the slot features only two types of symbols on the reels. There are neither letters nor numbers. This contributes even more for better indulging into the authentic movie atmosphere and storylines. The goal is to land 3,4,5 or more of the same symbols on the fixed paylines, which will guarantee you a win. There are two special symbols as well – a Scatter and a Wild. Overall, Jurassic Park slot is not very complicated and you will need only a few spins to get used to. It is the amazing background music, the advanced graphics and the special effects which deliver that magical sense of a very sophisticated video slot. Well, the bonus rounds make a little exception because they are many and they include free spins with bonus features at once, but you will find a comprehensive explanation further down this review.

We have prepped a detailed chart with the full specifications of this video slot. Check it out. We would also like to turn your attention on two of its most remarkable characteristics. Firstly, the Jurassic Park slot RTP is relatively high and secondly, you are allowed to adjust the bet amount very precisely from £0.30 up to £15. This makes the slot perfectly suitable for all the first-time British players who prefer the low-roller gambling machines. Furthermore, there is an auto-play and quick spin feature which can make your gameplay even more enjoyable.

Maximum Winat Hippodrome Casino:
Basic Info
Type Video Slot
RTP 96.67%
Developer Microgaming
Year Launched 2014
Mobile-friendly No
Free Spins Yes, 12 per Round
Bonus Round Yes, ‘T-Rex Alert’
Progressive No
Multiplier Yes, Up to 6x
Gamble No
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 243 (Fixed)
Lines Pay Left to Right
Theme TV/Movie/Adventure
Autoplay Yes
Quick Spin Yes
Coin Levels 1 – 10
Bet per Spin £0.30 – £15
Adjust Paylines No

Symbols and Winning Combinations on the Play Area

Players can observe from the comfort of their lounge chairs many familiar Jurassic jungle sights and dinosaur symbols, namely Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus and Dilophosaurus. The second set of symbols includes the heads of the main characters in the film: Dr Alan Grant, Dr Ellie Sattler, Dr John Hammond and Dr Ian Malcolm. The Wild symbol features the well-known movie logo with the T-Rex skeleton and the Jurassic Park sign, all coloured in white, red and black. The Scatter symbol is presented by a fossil of mosquito encapsulated in yellowish amber.

The greatest winning combination is simple and typical for most video slots – just land the same symbol on the paylines. The more the better. Curiously, the four movie characters pay the biggest wins ranging from 2500 to 4000 coins for striking ‘5 Of A Kind’. The dinosaur symbols pay from 600 to 1500 coins for hitting 5 of a kind, and of course – the win could be much greater if you land more of the same symbols at once. 1.9M coins is the maximum plausible amount to win from a single game. Let’s face it – this is a pretty impressive number!

Hitting a big win on the Jurassic Park’s play area is even easier with the two special symbols. Just keep in mind that the Wild is one of (if not the most) remarkable parts of this slot. The starting screen highlights ‘Winning Wilds’, ‘Running Wilds’ and ‘T-Rex with 35 Extra Wilds’. As you may already reckon, we will explain this and all other bonus levels in detail further in the review. Besides the special features, the Wild is a substitute for all symbols except for the Scatter, just like with any other video slot. At least 3 Scatter symbols are required to trigger the Free Spins bonus feature. Otherwise, hitting only 2 Scatters also pays a little amount. You can automatically see how much you win per bet if you land 3, 4 or 5 of the same symbol at once, thanks to our handy calculator. Just enter the preferred amount in the ‘Bet Per Line’ section and hit ‘Calculate’.

Symbol2 Symbols3 Symbols4 Symbols5 Symbols
Dr Grant30100400
Dr Sattler30100350
Dr Hammond2075300
Dr Malcolm2060250

Getting to the Free Spins round is not that difficult, indeed. It’s just because there is not just one, but 5 different round with free spins and each has something different to offer. This Jurassic Park game offers 12 free spins in any of the 5 rounds while the unique features in each round make it one of the best animal games ever. The adventure slot also has an additional feature that is called ‘T-Rex Alert’ and it looks more like a pure bonus round than just a special in-game attribute. When this alert mode happens, you can expect to witness a gigantic T-Rex at every corner. Other than that, there are plenty of Jurassic Park dinosaurs, lush jungle greens, wildlife sounds and mystical elements everywhere in the game.

About the Stunning Jurassic Park Theme of the Slot

Play at your favourite Jurassic Park online casino and you can easily lose track of space and time. You can easily enjoy a real sense of getting back in time, in the dinosaurs’ era. This is made possible by the wonderful adventure theme of the slot which looks so similar to the original Jurassic Park movie. The base game theme features visually impacting graphics and it will transport you back to the green jungle where numerous expeditions and wildlife sightings took place. The 5 free spin bonus rounds have a different theme each and you can enjoy a glimpse over 3 out of the 5 rounds in the gallery with screencaps below.

In brief, the T-Rex round starts with a dark, rainy and mystical atmosphere. The background scenery includes the moment with the broken enclosure of the T-Rex, creating a suspense that it may suddenly appear. The Velociraptor round will get you back within the jungle roads bounded by green palms and lush exotic vegetation. This time, the road is blocked by a wire wall and a couple of Velociraptors may come at once. The theme of the Brachiosaurus round offers you a sneak peek through the canopies of the giant Jurassic jungle trees. The background is majestic and serene, featuring the golden sunrise or sunset, and the mountainous landscape of Isla Nublar. A Brachiosaur with its giant long neck may also be a spectacular sight to witness within the treetops. The Triceratops round unleashes the true mystery of the Jurassic Park because it depicts perhaps the greatest mountain on the island. The sunrays magically penetrate through the clouds to embrace the reels while a herd of running Triceratops may disrupt your view for a while. The mountain backdrop, however, is the greatest sight on the skyline of this play area. Last but not least, the 5th free spins round with the Dilophosaurus entices you to embark on a journey in the heart of the jungle. This really is one of the best animal games on the UK casino floor and not only because the green trees are everywhere on the screen. Also, in this bonus level, you can observe numerous smaller Dilophosaurus playing here and there, inviting you to take part in the Jurassic wilderness.

Overall, this Jurassic casino slot really features a stunning theme and you can enjoy it without worrying about how exactly lucky you are. This is possible only thanks to the high quality of the game, the special effects and the advanced theme details, and we will give you more insight right next. Microgaming created an excellent video slot that looks like a theatrical poster, no doubt about it!

Familiar Jurassic Park highlights and sparkling visual innovations welcome players to experience the true elegance of gambling. Playing video slots might often be linked with boring repetitive motions and sounds, but that’s not the case with this slot. The developers from Microgaming know very well how to do justice! In 2014, they made one of the very first video slots with Parallax Scrolling effects. This basically means that the background of the game is layered to provide a better sense of depth. This effect takes place in almost every environmental animation, which in a combination with the realistic jungle sounds from the movie, keeps the guest starring at the background rather than on the reels themselves. You can see for yourself how beautiful this Microgaming slot is by watching the 8 instalments below.

The backgrounds and the symbols on the reels are certainly the most visually pleasing elements of this slot. First things first – let’s talk about the Jurassic backgrounds. They are animated or at least they look like that due to the use of Parallax Scrolling effect. It allows for motion of multiple foreground images with different speeds which creates a perception of a live scenery. For example, the background for the base game features at least 4 different layers that are easily distinguishable, helping you immerse in the authentic storyline of the Jurassic Park slot. In the meantime, you should keep your eyes open for the walking and lurking T-Rex somewhere deep within the jungle forest on the background. This special feature is actually a part of the rearmost layer of the Parallax Scrolling effect. It, in a combination with the shaking of the screen, suggests that the bonus round is about to be triggered.

The mesmerising visual effects continue on the reels and especially when you land 3, 4 or more identical symbols of the movie characters. Their little windows begin playing short motions which will tell you more about the storyline behind Jurassic Park. Sometimes, when you make a really big win with 5 or more of these character symbols, you can watch entire clips on a bigger popup screen. 5 of a Kind with Dr Hammond’s symbol, for instance, triggers a movie that shows a tiny velociraptor as a hatchling, which is a pretty iconic scene from the movie. Isn’t that the cutest animated feature among the Jurassic Park slots!

Thirdly, the dinosaur symbols start to shake heads when they land on a winning payline and they look like they will jump out of the screen. The more symbols from the same kind, the better. The short repetitive motions are awesome! Everything looks so perfect with this slot from a graphics viewpoint. Perhaps the only thing that could have been done better is to add a slot trailer after the opening of the game. Some short clips with real scenes from the film, for example with the doors opening of the Jurassic Park, would be a nice touch for your welcome.

Audio Samples:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • Main Theme:
  • Winning Theme:
  • Free Spins:
  • Background:

Audio Quality, Roaring Sounds & Jurassic Jungle Music

The sound for the main game theme is certainly inspired by the original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The ambient sounds play another major role in bringing the prehistoric Jurassic world back to life. From the clicking sounds of the Velociraptors to the majestic roar of the T-Rex, you will be amazed by the audio quality of this Jurassic Park game. Enhanced by the unique soundtracks in the base game and in the Free Spins rounds, you can enjoy yourself while listening to the music of this slot. The winning sounds, the stopping of the reels or the clicking of the buttons deliver a wonderful ASMR effect. Meanwhile, the environmental sounds are unobtrusive and exciting too.

Bet Limits of Microgaming’s Jurassic Park Slot

‘Paylines’ refers to the number of lines that can be wagered upon. They are 243 and they are fixed. ‘Max Bet’ refers to the maximum bet that a player can wager per spin and in this case, it is £15. With this in mind, the slot is not quite suitable for high-rollers but you can still take advantage of a very fine adjustment of your bets. You can set the coin size from 0.01 to 0.05, as well as the number of coins from 1 to 10. With that in mind, you can take advantage of a betting range of £0.30 to £15 which is rather frequently seen among the Microgaming slots and the other game providers.

Another interesting feature of this slot is its thin greyish line at the very bottom of the screen. It keeps three almost hidden buttons, respectively the Options, the Stats, and the Expert mode. That last button basically gives you the auto-play mode where you can turn the reels uninterruptedly for a pre-set amount of times. The Stats button opens a small pop-up menu where you can see a basic history of the spin results and your highest wins. The Settings button allows you to access the main game settings including sound and graphics, gameplay and betting options. The only way to enhance the betting limit is to opt for your credits to be displayed as coins and then the betting limit becomes from 30 to 300 coins. That’s the case at just about every other Jurassic Park online casino, making the slot preferred by many low-stakes and first-time players.

Special Features: Free Spins Rounds

It’s finally time to talk a bit more about the special rounds in the best of the Jurassic Park slots. Let’s get started with the free spin rounds because there are many of them, 5 to be more exact. They are triggered by hitting at least 3 mosquito fossil symbols which play the role of scatters. In each of the five levels, you can take advantage of different special features such as stacked, progressive or held wilds and many others. The common thing is that whatever round you play, you get your 12 free spins to try for a big win. Some levels reward you even more free spins in some specific conditions, so their number could rise too. These game randomly chooses which free spin level to play and at every 25 rounds, you have the privilege to select your most favourite one.

We already mentioned how each of these 5 free spin rounds looks like. So, besides the 12 free spins per round, we will now present you a full description of what to expect from them in terms of rules, conditions and special features.

  • The Tyrannosaurus Rex Round: It offers a possibility of turning entire reels wild, from the top to the bottom row, and thus dramatically enhancing your chance of winning. When this happens, the screen starts to shake and a huge T-Rex appears from one side of the screen. Lots of teeth, roars and glittering lights overwhelm the screen. Instead of numerous Wild symbols on the reels, they transform into bold and bright ‘Wild’ words in a vertical orientation. The big win is almost certainly guaranteed when this happens, especially if the T-Rex turns 2 or 3 entire reels wild.
  • The Velociraptor Round: This is the round with the multiplier Wilds, which means the chance of striking a phenomenal win but only if you get lucky. When this happens, a couple of Velociraptors appear from the jungle, jump, hiss and the best thing is that they are able to turn Wild symbols at random. These Wilds award you a random multiplier from x4 to x6. Additionally, the Velociraptors may decide to split a Wild symbol in two, which is also not bad at all.
  • The Brachiosaurus Round: You got pretty lucky if you have the chance to play this free spins round. There is just one but a very important feature in the round, which alone is enough to tempt you to call the day. It comes to the Mystery Multiplier. It gives a multiplier of your win at every spin, ranging from x2 to x6 the amount of your winnings.
  • The Triceratops Round: That’s the real deal in the Jurassic Park’s free spin rounds! Firstly, a gigantic running Triceratops may appear on the screen and turn entire reel wild, hence the name ‘Running Wilds’. Secondly, one additional Wild is added on the reels per spin which means that you will receive at least 12 more Wilds during this round. The best part is that when you partially fulfil a reel with wilds, you receive one more free spin. Theoretically, this round with free spins and big wind can continue for quite some time.
  • The Dilophosaurus Round: This is the fifth and last of the five free spin rounds. Here, a small little green dinosaur comes from the jungle and spits a symbol randomly to turn it Wild. This Wild symbol looks differently, but it plays pretty much the same role as the regular one. It only stays for the time it contributes for a winning combination with the rest of the symbols. Sometimes, a couple of Dilophosaurus appears and do the same thing, offering you even greater chances for a big win.

Note that although each of these 5 levels looks like a bonus round, it begins with 12 free spins. That’s why we regard them as 5 free spins rounds. Whichsoever you choose, you have the chance of returning back into the base game with a pretty substantial boost in your balance.

Special Features: Bonus Round

The interesting part is not over yet. The bonus mode is uniformly associated with rewards and hence likely connected with high levels of revelation. In the Jurassic Park slot, you can play dinosaurs at just about every corner and there is one especially important feature that can be easily distinguished as a Bonus Round. This is the famous ‘T-Rex Alert feature’ with which this Microgaming slot is most famous for. After all, the T-Rex played the major role in the movie/TV series as well. It is part of the base game actually and appears absolutely randomly. There is no relation to what symbols land on the reels or else. It starts by a subtle shaking of the screen and the logo of the game changes with a huge ‘T-Rex Alert’ sign.

Shortly put, it is more like a bonus mode that contributes to the winning amounts thanks to 35 extra Wild symbols on the reels! This wonderful bonus mode is activated after a T-Rex sighting deep within the Jurassic jungle background. We mentioned in the section with the Graphics and Environmental Animations how majestic and impressive this T-Rex looks like. It crosses through the 4th or 5th layer of the Parallax Scrolling effect, but sometimes it passes very closely just behind the reels. A huge ‘Extra Wilds’ red sign appears in the middle and countless wild symbols are scattered throughout the screen. The 35 extra wilds on the reels occur for the 6 following spins and we can assure you, there is no chance of missing the T-Rex sighting!

So, that’s pretty much it in terms of bonus rounds in this Jurassic Park online casino game. You already know all the details and special features of the free spin rounds which make them look like a completely different bonus round each. It is safe to say that this Microgaming slot is full of bonuses, free spins and other rewards, and they lurk at every corner.

What is the Return to Player (RTP) or the Payback Percentage?

Let’s make this Jurassic Park slot review a bit more complicated by starting with the advanced information. The Return to Player or RTP, for short, is the percentage of the wager that the player receives back, on average and per spin. It could vary from as low of 75% to a high of 99% and you can see this on the graph below. Super Nudge is the casino slot with the lowest known RTP. The highest video slot RTP is for the Mega Joker game. The Microgaming’s Jurassic Park slot RTP is 96.67%, which is a theoretical percentage and it is way closer to the top limit. This means a greater chance to strike a win!

Analysis and Comparison of the Jurassic Park Slot RTP

Nevertheless, an RTP of 96.67% is relatively low when we put this game side by side to other famous adventure- or movie-themed video slots. The differences are usually very small, but very important when it comes to payback percentages. Examples include NetEnt’s ‘Reel Rush’ and ‘Steam Tower’ games as well as Quickspin’s ‘Beowulf’ slot, and the list can keep growing. There are many video slots with greater RTP percentages than the Jurassic Park slot. Overall, this is a pretty balanced Microgaming pastime and you will appreciate it from the first moment you strike a big win which won’t take a lot to be done.

Slot Volatility and Advanced Specifications

The complex factors in this review continue with analysing the Jurassic Park’s volatility. Shortly put, this is the probability of winning but in a reversed sense. The higher the volatility of a slot, the less chance of hitting a big win. And vice-versa: slots with low volatility are more likely to bring frequent wins. That said, the ‘Volatility Index’ is an indication of how much the payback percentage of the slot fluctuates for a certain number of games played. To measure it justice, there are plenty of factors to consider such as confidence interval, betting variance and more, but this is a whole another story. Simply said, the volatility of Microgaming’s Jurassic Park slot is classified as ‘high’. You should not expect to land winning combinations very often, but let’s face it – with so much bonus and free spin rounds, the results can easily exceed your expectations.

In some ways, observations from actual play give a feeling of making big wins on a much regular basis. This is due to the fact that most (if not all) of the special rounds and rewards are associated with some kind of special effect. It is either the sighting of the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the T-Rex Alert mode, the passing of the Triceratops through the play area or the spitting Dilophosaurus in free spins rounds, and the gameplay is altered by absolutely spectacular effects. We examined the Jurassic Park theme and we found out that Microgaming definitely tried to do their best to turn the player’s attention to the authentic Spielberg’s film adaptation from 1993. The Jurassic jungle backgrounds, the majestic dinosaur sounds, the indulging storylines of the symbols… Whether you win or not, it is more likely that you will be focusing on the visual elements of the slot.

‘Speed of Play’ is another advanced specification that shows how fast we can play dinosaurs. It indexes the estimated speed of play by measuring how many spins can be made on a 60-second basis. There are several approaches:

  • Firstly, playing the base game manually requires for clicking the ‘Spin’ button to begin playing. Then, you could press it again or click anywhere on the reels which causes them to stop quickly. Without counting the animations and without stopping the reels, you could spin the reels about 13 times. If you choose to stop the reels every time, you could reach up to 22 spins.
  • Secondly, playing the base game with QuickSpin requires to activate this mode from the ‘Settings’ menu. You can apply it for the base game and/or for the free spin rounds. Again, without counting the time for the winning animations, the QuickSpin mode allows for about 38 spins per minute.
  • Thirdly, playing with the Auto-Play feature is another appealing option to enhance the ‘Speed of Play’ indicator. It is active in Expert mode and allows 10, 25, 50 and 100 sequential spins. You could also choose ‘Until Stop’ which basically means infinite spins, as well as ‘Custom’ which allows you to precisely set the number of auto spins depending on what suits you best. With this Auto-Play feature, you could make your game faster with about 1-2 spins per each of the cases mentioned above.

Overall, do not expect from the Jurassic Park slot to land winning symbols very often, but the enjoyment from the game quality and its special effects is enough to provide that magical sense of winning. There are two methods to speed up your game by approximately 50% – it is either by stopping the reels manually after each spin or by activating the QuickSpin feature. Of course, don’t forget that playing online casino slots is all about luck, after all!

Jurassic Park Slots for iOS and Android, for Tablet and Mobile

A mobile version of this yet amazing video slot is, sadly, not available. You cannot play Jurassic Park on web-based mobile casino apps or at least we couldn’t find any. Luckily, Microgaming developed 3 different variations of this slot and one of them makes an exception. This is the 5-reel Jurassic World slot which indeed is available for mobile playing! You can read more about it and other Jurassic Park slots later in the review. It is the newest version of the game from 2017 and it does not feature special visual effects, and perhaps that’s the reason to be fully responsive on either iOS or Android mobile devices. It requires tilting your phone or tablet for playing on a wider screen.

Microgaming’s Jurassic Park Slot is not Compatible with Mobile Devices
Jurassic Park QR Code
Available for: iOS Android
£50 Welcome Bonus
Play here
Full T&Cs apply.. 18+. New customers only. Opt-in required. 100% Match Bonus up to £50 on 1st deposit of £10+. 50x bonus wagering applies as do weighting requirements. Debit Card deposits only. This offer is valid for 7 days from your new account being Registered. Irregular gameplay may invalidate your bonus

Its graphics and the special effects are also stunning, but they are based upon the storyline of the Jurassic World movie . It is confirmed that you can play it on the web-based apps of the five UK online casinos mentioned in the beginning of the review. The mobile version of the game is also well received in the native apps of some British gambling sites. Not every Jurassic casino has its own native app, but Hippodrome and 32Red Casino have. So, don’t hesitate to give Jurassic Park slot a go when you want to play on the move!

Overview of the Player’s Experience

Microgaming’s Jurassic Park slot is such a wonderful casino game to play even 4 years after its release. We all know very well how fast the technology advances and the game developers strive to surprise us with something new every year. Jurassic Park was made so advanced for its time, so it is still nowadays one of the top video slots at UK casinos. The player’s experience is, beyond a doubt, outstanding! There are plenty of options to find your favourite Jurassic casino and start playing. Some sites offer more or less attractive conditions than others, so don’t forget that the casino conditions are also essentials for the overall gaming experience. We tried to provide you with the top 5 Jurassic Park slot casinos in the UK. Following the gameplay, listening to the authentic sounds and enjoying the mesmerising visual effects, this slot will easily help you indulge in the real Jurassic Park atmosphere from the movie.

By contrast to the other Jurassic Park slots, this one does not become annoying even after playing for hours. Its technical quality is impeccable and there are no glitches found that could distract your gameplay. The buttons on the menu bar are neither too small nor too big to overwhelm the play area. They are just perfect! This video slot has low betting limits and it is perfect for the newbies or the low-stakes players. Nevertheless, the relatively high Jurassic Park slot RTP almost guarantees you a win and if you get really lucky, you can take advantage of some really fascinating combos. The numerous free spin rounds and the T-Rex Alert bonus feature play a major role for that. Isn’t it one of the best movie-themed Microgaming slots!

The Best Jurassic Park Slot – True or False?

We assure you, that’s a bold statement but it’s true! This video slot is absolutely legit in terms of quality, a player’s experience and rewards. It is absolutely safe and reliable to play because it is a product of Microgaming – one of the greatest and most respected developers of video slots in the UK. The company is regularly tested for the fairness of its games’ results and more specifically, for the randomness of the RNG. But what does that mean? A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a complex and yet simple method upon which are based all the contemporary video slots. It is used to generate a different number corresponding to a virtual reel stop position, thus providing a 100% random and unbiased result after each spin.

The Microgaming’s video slots are verified by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Jurassic Park game is not an exception. The company’s casino products are also certified by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and they are verified by independent testing houses like eCogra. You can read more about the Microgaming’s initiatives for responsible gaming on its official website and overall, it’s safe to say that Jurassic Park is an absolutely fair and reliable slot to play.

Take a look at the following table. It shows you the slot’s key advantages at a glance. The benefits are obviously much more than the setbacks, so there is no doubt that the Jurassic Park’s gaming experience will be unsurpassed.

The game may be legit, but only if you play it at a proper Jurassic Park online casino as well. You should know how to differentiate the licensed and legal gambling sites among others. The five recommended UK gambling sites in the beginning of this review are only the best places to play Jurassic Park for one reason or another. There are many other trusted British casinos where to enjoy this game. In the footers of their sites, you can find many important logos like the Gambling Commission, MGA, GamCare, GambleAware and so on. Those are seals of approval and they verify that you are playing your favourite game at a safe and reliable Jurassic casino. It’s perhaps the most essential step before you make a registration. Well, we have already done that for you and we listed an extended range of casino operators that offer Jurassic Park in their slot’s portfolio.

Useful Tips & Tricks, Loopholes and How-Tos

Slots might be highly volatile and this Jurassic Park game might offer low betting limits, but there is always a chance to win big and everyone loves that! Undoubtedly, there is no such thing as a recipe for becoming a millionaire by playing the slot because it’s all about how lucky you get. Next are a few tips and tricks that you can find useful. Consider them only as guidelines or bits of advice on what to do for a better gaming experience.

1. Win Big with Short ‘Maximum Bet’ Bursts.

Imagine that you land frequent wins of x100 at the minimum £0.30 bet for striking Three of a Kind with either the Velociraptor or Brachiosaurus symbol. After a few normal spins without a win, it would be worth it to bet £10 or why not £15 for the next two or three rounds.

2. Give Preference to the ‘Triceratops’ Free Spins.

This is perhaps the most preferred free spins round because it allows for the ‘stacking wilds’ feature. The Triceratops round contributes with 1 Wild symbol per spin and which also stays on the reel for the end of the round. The chance of winning big is great and you may get extra spins.

3. Play at Casinos with a Big Welcome Bonus.

The more the better and that’s the case with the welcome bonus packs at British Jurassic casino sites too. Operators try to attract their guests with bigger bonuses and the conditions are really appealing. Some bonus packs include plenty of free spins that are valid on video slots.

4. Playing with Quick Spin = More Games Per Hour.

There are up to 22 normal spins that you could make in a minute but this number rises to 38 if you play with quick spins. If you do the math, you will notice that the much greater number of games per hour will let you exploit the high Jurassic Park slot RTP in a more effective way.

5. Play Longer

This will raise the odds of hitting 3 or more Scatter symbols at once and enter in a Free Spin round. Each of these 5 rounds looks like a completely different game and it will capture your imagination from the moment it begins. How about the enormous rewards including multipliers, wilds, etc.?

6. Cashout After a Substantial Boost in Your Balance.

The odds are: if you keep playing after a big win, it is more likely that the slot will eat your money. Having said that, sometimes, you will need to know when enough is enough. Playing at your favourite Jurassic Park online casino may be even more fun if you diversify with other games.

What’s Curious in the History of Jurassic Park Slot?

After learning the essentials, you ought to know the beginning of the slot’s history. It is the original book for Jurassic Park from 1990 and its later adaptation by the Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster from 1993. It transformed into an iconic movie for all the adventure enthusiasts and lovers of the prehistoric stories with dinosaurs. This movie was awarded more than 20 times and it was the inspiration for the creation of many Jurassic Park-themed ventures such as amusement parks, video games, theatres and others.

The gambling scene was also not missed and Microgaming created a wonderful casino game with the same name in 2014. If you stayed with us until this line, you should already know all the details about the Jurassic Park slot, but there is more! It was one of the first video slots in the world to use Parallax Scrolling visual effects. This played an important role for Microgaming to win the 2015’s ‘Digital Product’ and ‘Digital Gaming Innovation’ prizes at the Global Gaming Awards. The prizes brought a lot of glory and fame to Microgaming and transformed Jurassic Park into one of the most played movie/TV-themed video slots at the UK online casinos. Nowadays, in 2018, it still is!

Jurassic Park Slot in Its Other Appearances on the UK Casino Floor

It’s not just a single slot game. Microgaming released two other variations. In the matter of fact, it was not even the first from the series. The very first Jurassic Park game released by Microgaming is a jackpot slot. It comes to the 3-reel 1-payline Jurassic Jackpot slot and it has an origin from 1999. It is one of those older games with very dated graphics but with a superb payout and is actually very fun to play. A perfect match! This slot can really get you back in time and it can be found at Hippodrome Casino as well.

The Jurassic World slot is the latest release from 2017. It also can be played at Hippodrome and in many other Jurassic casino sites. It is based upon the Jurassic World film from 2015 and offers plenty of indulging storylines. It does not have so beautiful sound and visual effects like the Parallax Scrolling, but it’s fully compatible for mobile gaming. You can enjoy it on your phone or tablet, as well as a desktop device. This Jurassic World slot has the ‘Indominus Feature’ and you should know very well what that means if you watched the movie.

Furthermore, while searching for Jurassic Park games online, you can come across one very different and yet basic slot with dinosaurs called Jurassic Giants. It is developed by Pragmatic Play and NYX, it features 4096 paylines and a play area of 6×4, and it can be played at Royal Panda Casino. Playtech’s Jurassic Island slot is another appealing title if you want to play dinosaurs. They both look a little bit more advanced than the Jurassic Jackpot game but nonetheless, they are light years away from the striking backgrounds of Jurassic Park slot. In addition to these video and classic slots, Jurassic Park has many appearances at land-based UK casinos too, in the form of gaming terminals and themed slot machines.

There are plenty of options to play Jurassic Park slots inspired by the iconic movie. There is also a vast array of modern releases from other game developers that could compete with this game. In the next section, you can see a slot comparison with 3 other titles that certainly appear to be very promising.

Alternative Video Slots – Comparison by Key Factors

Some of the slot’s features like the first three rounds with free spins have specials and rewards that are very similar to those in other games. This type of paytable with relatively low wins can also be seen in many slot titles on the UK casino floor. Overall, Jurassic Park slot is among the best animal games and it features fresh and unique characteristics, as well as very conventional ones.

Now, we would like to turn your attention to the next instalment. It offers you a visual comparison of Jurassic Park with three other famous movie-themed video slots. One of them is also released by Microgaming while the other two are respectively products of NetEnt and Quickspin. Both are leading software developers in the world and they are famous as main competitors of Microgaming. We assessed the games from 1 to 5, based upon 7 key factors.

It is safe to say that the slot has many strong sides, mainly the suitable for the low-stakes players, making it still one of the top choices of all types of players in the UK.

Compare Jurassic Park with Other Movie-Themed Slots
Compare Jurassic Park via the slot radar to the right. Selecting one of the slots below overlays its score for easier subjecting to a comparison. You can also read the detailed slot reviews of each game.

If You Look for the Best Jurassic Park Online Casino – There Are Many!

For a dessert, we managed to organise for you a list with all the British online casinos that offer Jurassic Park slot in their portfolios. You can click on any name and read a complete casino review with all the essential details you need to know upon starting to play. Note that all these UK casinos are checked and verified if they meet the industry-level standards for safety and technical quality. They are all licensed by the UKGC and their games are examined for fairness by independent testing houses. Once you find your favourite place to play, just hit jurassic park in its search engine and give this game a go!

So, What’s Your Slots Animal – Add Your Comment!

Isn’t this Jurassic Park game your favourite dinosaur slot machine? Join Hippodrome, Cruise or choose another operator from our list of the top UK Jurassic Park casinos for a quick gaming session and you may want to return every day to play dinosaurs. In the meantime, if you know another Jurassic Park online casino with better conditions – let us know in the comment section below! Feel free to share your opinion and after your next session with the slot, come back and say what you’ve liked the most. As a conclusion, we could add that although it is nearly 4 years old, the Jurassic Park slot stays one of the best Microgaming releases until today! Hope you’ve enjoyed this Jurassic Park review and you already have a better understanding why this casino game is such an irresistible choice among the UK players. Let’s play and you will see for yourself too!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Jurassic Park Slot

Although we’ve covered lots of details related to this exciting slot, the most frequently asked questions about this slot still remain unanswered. That’s why in the following section we’ve provided the needed answers which might be helpful for those of you who wish to try out this exciting reel-spinning game!

What is the Jurassic Park slot RTP?

The return to player rate is one of the most important fundamentals which players are interested in and since we’ve dedicated a whole article about this slot, it's no wonder that the Jurassic Slot RTP is high, boasting a figure of 96.67%. However, details about this have been provided in the respective paragraph, so do check it out!

Is there a Jurassic Park slot app?

Unfortunately for players, we must say that this version doesn't have a Jurassic Park mobile variation. However, the good news is that the game's software provider, Microgaming, has made sure to offer other Jurassic Park slot versions which are indeed available for iOS and Android devices.

Is there a Jurassic Park free slot?

Fortunately for players who want to get to know a particular slot without risking any money, there is indeed a Jurassic Park free slot. The gameplay and symbols are absolutely the same and the best part is you get acquainted with this game without the need of a deposit!

What is the paytable for the Jurassic Park slot?

Just like any other slot game, the Jurassic Park slot paytable has its own set of symbols, including a wild and characters from the movie. Furthermore, the maximum payout which you can get at once is more than impressive, so check more details in our dedicated paragraph!

Does the Jurassic Park slot game have a bonus feature?

When we talk about exciting slot games, the first fundamental which helps in that direction is a bonus feature. Since Microgaming has used such an iconic title for one of their slot games, don't expect anything else than an interesting, filled with wild symbols Jurassic Park bonus feature.

We need your opinion! What were your experiences with this slot?

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