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Reel Rush Slot Review: Complete Overview of the Popular NetEnt Slot

Reel Rush is one of the most popular and coveted slots not only in the UK but also worldwide. Of course, there is a legit reason for its popularity. The slot offers many chances to win lucrative rewards, easy rules and entertaining theme. Nevertheless, it is always worth having all the information prior to betting your real money on the game. Stay with us to find out more about the Reel Rush slot’s rules and features, RTP, betting limits, mobile version, free spins and all other important details!

Try Reel Rush for Free!

Indubitably, the best way to get to know a game is by playing it. Of course, this does not always mean to put your own money on a stake and learn as you go. Fortunately, we have found an easy solution. Below we have prepared for you a special free demo version of Reel Rush where you can practice-play the game as much as you want. Feel free to try all features, options and betting limits. Once you have found the best strategy to play the slot and feel ready to do so, feel free to visit your favourite online casino where you can play Reel Rush for real money while enjoying a lucrative bonus! In the next section of our review, you can find the top Reel Rush casinos and try out the game for real.

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Where to Play for Real Money?

NetEnt’s Reel Rush has gained its popularity for a reason and there is no doubt that you can only become a part of the game’s fan-base when you feel the thrill of playing it for real money. You will certainly not struggle to find an online casino that offers the slot as it has become one of the most coveted casino games in the last few years. To ease your choice, however, we have prepared a list of the top 5 online casinos to play Reel Rush at. We have made sure that all of our suggested operators are safe and licensed by the corresponding authorities such as the United Kingdom Gambling Association and the Malta Gaming Authority. After all, your safety should be each online casino’s top priority and we have confirmed that our suggested operators share the same opinion. Additionally, we have selected the best bonus offers on the market, so you can get the most out of the game.

Find the Best Reel Rush Casino
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In order to choose best Reel Rush casino, we strongly recommend you read each operator’s corresponding review and learn more about their policies, history and terms – you can find all reviews at our dedicated page listing the top casino sites. You should pay special attention to the bonus terms and conditions. Bear in mind that while important, the bonus amount should not be the main reason why you choose a certain operator. Each bonus is a subject to wagering conditions that you will be required to complete. If you fail to do so, you risk losing all winnings tied to the bonus.

You should also bear in mind that the game’s betting limits might vary according to the operator. We must also warn you that bets made with bonus money might be limited to a certain amount. To find out more, you must read your chosen casino’s terms and conditions. Have you chosen your favourite online casino yet? If so, keep reading our review to find out more about Reel Rush and increase your chances to win when you play with real money!

Full Reel Rush Overview

More than 5 years after its official release, the Reel Rush slot keeps captivating players with its colourful theme and simple rules. However, the game has not gained its popularity only due to its visual qualities. The slot’s unique re-spins and free spins features grant players with the opportunity to win many big rewards without having to spend too much of their real money. Nevertheless, to understand better the idea behind Reel Rush, we must carefully analyse all its features and details. Thus, we have tested the game and have prepared a detailed review about it, where you can find all you need to learn about the slot. For your convenience, we will cover and explain everything you must know about Reel Rush to help you enjoy the game at its full quality.

Have you got any experience with Reel Rush already? Before we move on, we would like to ask you to take a minute of your time and rate the game according to the criteria in the table below. Your opinion is important to us and we would like to hear it! In the table below, you can also see how other players have voted and whether they share your opinion of the game.

Player Score
3.89 of 5
3.89/5 (9 votes)
Expert Score
Rated 4.20 out of 5 stars
  • Experience
  • Features & Jackpots
  • Theme & Symbols
  • Coin Levels & Limits
  • Graphics & Animation
  • Sounds & Music

How to Play: Reel Rush Slot Rules in a Nutshell

When it comes to rules, Reel Rush is not much different than all the other slot games. The slot has a light and colourful interface and is easy to play. Generally speaking, all you have to do is place a bet, spin and hope to land on at least one of the 3125 winning paylines. You will be able to select your own bet amount by adjusting the coin value and level features. Thus, the amount of your reward would depend on the coin value you have selected. In order to receive a prize, you will have to land on a winning combination of at least three symbols. You will then be granted a free re-spin round where you will have the chance to earn even more rewards. Nevertheless, we will talk discuss this feature in detail in our free spins overview. Each player has an equal chance of winning the maximum reward and it is only a matter of luck to do so. If you ever find yourself busy, you can keep playing by clicking on the Auto Play button. You can set the number of automatic spins yourself and cancel them whenever you want. NetEnt has put its best efforts into making sure that you will enjoy a smoothly running and entertaining game full of great rewards.

Maximum Win at Grand Ivy Casino:
Free Spins Yes: 8
Bonus Round No
Progressive Yes
Multiplier Yes
Gamble No
Basic Info
Type Video Slot
RTP 97.00%
Developer NetEnt
Year Launched 25.03.2013
Mobile-friendly Yes
Reels 5
Rows 5, Unconventional
Paylines 3125 Changeable
Lines Pay Left to Right
Theme Food/Candy/Fruit
Autoplay Yes
Quick Spin No
Coin Levels Yes; 1-10
Bet per Spin £0.10 – £100
Adjust Paylines No

Reel Rush Paytable: Symbols, Winning Combinations and Payouts

The key to winning a lucrative reward in Reel Rush is to land on a combination of at least three symbols on a payline. Just like in all slot games, some symbols pay more, while others pay much less. The highest paying symbols in Reel Rush are the Strawberry, the Pineapple, the Lemon and the Watermelon. Meanwhile, the symbols with a lower payout are the Grapes, the Plum and all the colourful candies. There is also a Wild symbol, which can substitute for all other symbols on a winning payline. Furthermore, the beauty of Reel Rush comes from the fact that each winning combination can lead to the special round of 8 free spins. After each win, all players are entitled to receive a free re-spin, which could be repeated up to 5 times if a winning combination appears on the reels again. Bear in mind, however, that the number of ways to win increases after each re-spin until it grows up to 1875 in the fifth re-spin. After the fifth winning re-spin, the special 8 Free Spins feature is unlocked, and players have the chance to receive even more rewards.

Wondering how much each symbol’s payout is? Find out in the helpful table that we have prepared for you below. All you have to do is enter your betting amount and calculate your alleged winning.

Symbol2 Symbols3 Symbols4 Symbols5 Symbols

Theme Overview and Image Gallery

Everybody loves candy and NetEnt knows it! That is why Reel Rush’s developer has decided to make our favourite fruits and bonbons the main theme of the game. After all, what could be more pleasant than playing an entertaining game full of sweets and colours? The answer is simple – a slot that brings you both colourful candy and great rewards. And Reel Rush is just that! The game quickly captivates us with its fun, quirky theme and lucrative prizes. Furthermore, the slot is clearly inspired by the good, old classic computer games but it has twisted them with its modern touch. Indubitably the developer’s thematic creativity has given its fruits and has contributed to the game’s overall success and popularity.

Throughout the years, NetEnt has managed to become one of the most renowned and respected game developers due to its modern look, creativity and innovative designs. And Reel Rush is clearly a part of the company’s impeccable portfolio. The game shines with its perfect animation and outstanding graphics. It is evident that every detail of the slot has been carefully designed in order to contribute to a visually flawless final product. Reel Rush’s fashionable colours are unforgettable and the fun, quirky style is simply captivating. Each symbol and feature of the game is precisely displayed, including the rules, which are concisely and clearly explained. To illustrate the creativity behind Reel Rush, we have captured some of the main moments of the game. Check out the images below and explore some of the key features of the slot.

As we mentioned above, the graphics are designed to fit perfectly the game’s theme. In fact, when you start the slot, you might get a brief flashback to the classic computer games and to the popular animated films from the 90s. Yet, NetEnt has managed to revive the classic style with a modern touch. While we must admit that the main idea behind Reel Rush is not something unseen, we must also acknowledge the fact that the innovative graphics and animations make us see it in a new light.

The actual design behind the fruit and bonbon symbols is actually rather simple but yet modern. In fact, it resembles a mixture of impressionism, pop art and excellent computer graphics. The designers behind Reel Rush clearly knew what they were doing, and their extra efforts are noticeable.

When it comes to animations, however, there are only a few featured in the game. Most of them appear during the re-spins and the free spins round when the blue boxes are opening, and more reels are becoming available. The ‘Big Win’ notice is another impeccable animation that draws the player’s attention in a creative way. In fact, the Reel Rush slot is possibly one of NetEnt’s masterpieces and its’ popularity is clearly understandable.

Audio Samples:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • Intro
  • Main Theme:
  • Big Win Theme:
  • Free Spins Theme:

Audio: Music & Sounds

The big winnings are not the only reason to play slots but also the necessity of entertainment. Thus, it comes as no surprise that each casino game’s soundtrack is an essential part of it. NetEnt’s Reel Rush is no exception and it might not have had the same success without the funky and perfectly chosen music and sound effects. Each theme of the slot has been carefully composed to fit the general mood and contribute to the player’s positive experience. The main theme of the game is rhythmic, yet calming and suitable for the player’s anticipation to win. Furthermore, the music that plays during free spins or a big win, reflects the player’s excitement and takes his emotions up to a new level. Thus, we strongly recommend you play Reel Rush at its full capacity and enjoy the game’s marvellous soundtrack.

Min and Max Bet

According to our research, currently, all UK casinos offer the same betting limits for NetEnt’s Reel Rush. The game is suitable for both high and low rollers with the lowest betting limit being £0.50 and the highest – £100.00. Technically, all players have the same chance of winning, regardless of the bets they have made. We have to point out, however, that making a higher bet would give you access to bigger rewards. For example, a player who bets £100.00 would have a higher chance of winning the game’s biggest reward worth £96,000. Nevertheless, the decision of how much you could afford to bet is yours exclusively and even the lowest bet would give you access to great rewards.

The Free Spins Feature of the Reel Rush Video Slot

The game’s rules are rather specific when it comes to free spins and bonus rounds and in our case, they have merged into one. Technically Reel Rush does not feature any bonus rounds but there are many free spins that the player could benefit from. Each time a player lands on a winning payline, a free re-spin is granted. If during the re-spin another winning combination appears, another free re-spin shall be triggered. The process could be repeated up to 5 times, after which the 8 Free Spins Feature is activated. Bear in mind, however, that with each re-spin, the number of ways to win increases from 135 to 1875.

The 8 Free Spins Feature is played with the maximum 3125 ways to win. It gives the player a bigger possibility of winning lucrative rewards, including the game’s big win worth 480,000 coins. As we have mentioned, the Wild Symbol can substitute for all other symbols and thus increase your chance to win. Bear in mind that the higher you bet, the bigger the chance you will get to win the big reward.

Return to Player (RTP) Overview

Whether you are a veteran player or a newbie, you are probably familiar with the term RTP or have at least heard of it. RTP is an abbreviation that stands for Return to Player percentage. It represents all wagered money or bets that a slot would pay back to the player in the form of winnings. The RTP shows only a theoretical percentage and cannot be considered completely accurate as inevitably, luck also plays a major role in slot games. Generally speaking, however, a higher RTP percentage would mean that the slot could generate more winnings. Reel Rush’s official theoretical RTP is 97.00%. The RTP might vary according to the online casino and at some operators it might be as low as 96.96%.

A graph of the RTP of Reel Rush compared to the one of other slots

The game’s high RTP is possibly one of the main reasons why it has become so popular. In fact, Reel Rush has one of the highest RTPs among all NetEnt games and available slots overall. The 99% record is held by another NetEnt title, the Mega Joker slot, though it is generally less popular than Reel Rush. We must warn you, however, that the payout percentages are calculated and verified over a long time of playing. Thus, if you are playing Reel Rush for a short amount of time, you may not see the actual statistics reflected in your game. In order to see optimal results, we recommend you play the game for a longer time. Still, do not forget to take into consideration your budget and to calculate how much of your real money you could afford to bet.

Volatility, Hit Frequency

If you are an experienced player, you might be familiar with the term volatility. While the RTP is important to understand the theoretical profitability of a game, it is often insufficient to help you decide whether a slot is worth playing. The term volatility or variance is used to calculate how often can you could hit wins and how big would they be. It helps you understand the risk of playing a certain game. Generally speaking, high volatile slots are rather unforeseeable. They can either generate big wins after a long period of no wins or bring you generous rewards only after a few spins. Meanwhile, if you are playing a slot with low volatility, you can expect frequent but rather modest wins. Thus, the medium volatile games stand in the middle as they can generate both big and small rewards at any time. All variances have their perks and flaws. Thus, deciding which one of them you would prefer is an entirely subjective decision.

Reel Rush has a low to medium volatility. This means that the game would often generate small wins, while there is still a possibility to occasionally gain big winnings. To be more precise, Reel Rush has a hit frequency of around 28%. This means that you could expect to land on a winning payline every 15 to 20 minutes. According to our information, we could conclude that Reel Rush is not a game of high risk and that you could win many small rewards and occasional big ones. Bear in mind, however, that luck still plays a major factor in the online slots and that you cannot rely solely on statistics.

Compatibility – Instant Play, Download, Mobile

Mobile gambling is part of players’ everyday life. The game developers are working hard to offer high-quality, adaptable mobile-friendly versions of their slots. Inevitably, the most popular online slots are mobile-compatible, and Reel Rush is no exception. The game is one of NetEnt’s most coveted creations and the company is constantly updating it in order to make sure it would run smoothly even on the newest devices. Reel Rush’s interface fits perfectly the smartphone’s smaller screen and is easy to operate. None of its main functions has been affected and the player is guaranteed to enjoy the game at its best quality. The slot runs smoothly on all devices, including Android and iOS. Bear in mind, however, that its compatibility with your device might depend on the online casino. Some operators have specific technical requirements for playing on the go. In order to find out whether your device is suitable for playing Reel Rush, please read the corresponding information on your chosen casino site.

Reel Rush Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Version
Reel Rush QR Code
Available for: iOS Android
£200 Welcome Bonus
Play here
Full T&Cs apply.. New players, £10+ deposit required. No e-wallets/prepaid cards. 30x Playthrough on Bonus and 50x on Free Spins winnings.

Whether you would be playing Reel Rush through your chosen online casino’s mobile app or through its web app, is entirely your decision. NetEnt has ensured that the game would run smoothly on both occasions. We would advise you to play the slot through your mobile browser as it loads fast and runs without a glitch. In the table above, you can find our top recommended mobile casino. Alternatively, you can explore some of our other suggested online casinos. All of them are mobile-friendly and Reel Rush is a part of their catalogue. Whether you play the slot on your PC or on your smartphone, do not forget to claim your corresponding bonus to enjoy the game as long as possible without having to spend much of your real money.

Player Experience

Back in 2013, when it was first released, Reel Rush managed to captivate players with its fun and colourful theme and generous rewards. The idea behind the game is rather simple and nothing unseen before but its innovative presentation makes it highly enjoyable. Players could easily spend a few hours playing it without getting bored. However, we must point out that there might be a few moments in which the game could feel a bit repetitive, but this is an unavoidable part of each online video slot. Triggering the Free Spin Feature in Reel Rush might become a rather hard and frustrating task. The player would often reach up to the fourth re-spin and would lose its chance to activate the feature at the final step. According to our tests, however, The Free Spins feature might not be triggered frequently but it is activated often enough. It is worth having patience because it is the key to winning big and lucrative rewards.

Reel Rush – 100% Legit

Reel Rush is undoubtedly exciting and fun to play but is it safe? To answer this question, we have conducted a detailed research and can confirm you that the game is 100% legit. It is created by NetEnt, one of the most renowned and respected software developers, which by itself is a guarantee for its safety and quality. Additionally, the company and its products are being constantly tested by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which checks whether they are safe to play. Reel Rush has also been audited by eCogra, an independent testing agency, whose job is to establish whether a game is fair. The slot’s popularity and success are a further unwritten proof of its safety and fairness. To help you understand what makes Reel Rush stand out, we have prepared a list of its advantages and disadvantages, which you can check out below.

As we have established, Reel Rush is safe to play but unfortunately, not all online casinos are. To avoid becoming a victim of a scam, you must make sure that your chosen operator is safe to play at. You can do so by checking whether it has got a license number by an accredited institution. This information would usually be available at the footer of each online casino’s home page. For your convenience, we have prepared a list of the top 5 best online casinos to play Reel Rush. All of our suggestions are secured and licensed, so you can confidently pick one, sign up and start playing. Shall you wish to try one of the other online casinos, which offer the slots, make sure to check whether your chosen operator has all the required certificates.

Tips and Tricks – How to Win Big

In terms of strategy, there is little you can do to increase your chance to win in an online slot. Most gamblers rely on their luck and hope for the best. There is unconfirmed theory that higher bets unlock more rewards but trying to understand the complex RNG that runs the games nowadays is almost impossible. While the theory is based on certain facts and it is true that higher bets lead to bigger wins, it has not been factually proven that they also trigger more wins. Nevertheless, while we cannot advise how to win more frequently, we have a few suggestions on how to win bigger rewards without spending too much money on bets.

1. Claim Your Bonus and Use it

Playing with a bonus is the best way to play your favourite game and protect your real money. Bear in mind, however, that all bonuses are subjects of wagering conditions that you will be required to fulfil. You can find the best offer for you on our list of top 5 online casinos to play Reel Rush.

2. Play with a Maximum Bet

As we have mentioned above, there is an unproven theory that playing with a maximum bet could bring you more rewards. However, the maximum bet in Reel Rush is £100. If the amount is too high for you, remember that you are free to choose your own bet amount according to your budget. Remember to gamble reasonably and responsibly.

3. Play as Long as You Can

Theoretically speaking, the longer you play the game, the bigger your chance of hitting a generous reward will be. The Reel Rush online slot has a high RTP, but you might need to play longer to witness the expected payout. However, the long play should not affect your bankroll. To avoid that make sure you play with a bonus and select the most convenient bet amounts for you.

4. Practice in the Free Demo Mode

The best way to understand and test Reel Rush is by playing it in its demo mode. This will give you a certain advantage and will help you establish, which is the best betting amount for you and how long you need to play to land on a big win. The game’s rules are simple and straightforward, so all you will need to do to prepare yourself to play with your real money is practice and observe.

Reel Rush Slot Comparison: See the Top Alternatives

NetEnt’s Reel Rush is certainly one of the most enjoyable and lucrative video slots, but we realise it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Want to try a more challenging game? If you are looking for alternatives, we have prepared a list of three similar video slots. We have selected some of the most popular slots in the UK, that players have cherished and preferred for years – though the list of candidates was substantial, so we had to discard some classics like Pharaoh’s Fortune from IGT. To help you see their differences and similarities, we have prepared a special graph that you can explore below. For further information about our three suggested alternatives, we recommend you read their corresponding reviews.

Compare the Reel Rush Slot with Other Games
In our chart, you can follow the ranking of Reel Rush across key criteria. The results are based on the opinion of experts and real players.Compare Reel Rush’s results with the ones of three other similar games and select the best one for you.

All Reel Rush Casinos

To help you pick the most convenient Reel Rush online casino for you, we have already listed our top 5 best Reel Rush casino sites to play the game at. Nevertheless, we realise that you might need more alternative options. That is why we have listed all UK casinos that include Reel Rush in their game catalogue. You can find the complete list below. If you require more information about a certain online casino, click on its logo and it will take you straight to its corresponding review. All of the operators listed below are licensed. Yet, we recommend you read the full terms and conditions of your chosen operator prior to signing up to it.

Tell Us What You Think

We hope that our review has been helpful to you and that you managed to gain a better understanding of Reel Rush. Have you tried the game yourself yet? If so, we would love to hear what you think. You can leave us a comment in the section below, telling us all about your experience with the slot. Before you move on, do not forget to also rate Reel Rush and all its key features. It will take you no more than a minute and it would be of great help to us and your fellow players. Do not forget that every opinion matter, and we cherish yours.

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