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Cleopatra Slot Review All About One of the Most Popular Games in Gambling

Are you a fan of Cleopatra, who wishes to learn all the saucy details there are to know about this slot? Or you have simply heard of it before and are eager to do your extensive research before betting your money? Either way, stay with us to the end of this review, as we take you on a spectacular journey to the depths of Ancient Egypt. Consider this review to be your slot encyclopedia where you can find absolutely everything you should know.

Have Fun While Playing the Cleopatra Slot for Free!

It is always a great idea to try out the game you have chosen in a demo version first. This way, you can get to know all of the slot features in the best way possible. You can see if the theme and graphics are according to your preferences, as well as the slot background music and overall atmosphere. Sometimes, a slot that is a total player-favourite and beloved by many can be perceived as boring and not at all appealing to some. Which is why playing demo is always encouraged. Other things to look for in a game are the Cleopatra bonus features and special characteristics. It is always better when a game has bonus rounds and free spins that can be won. This ensures a higher payout rate and a more colourful player experience. So, to make it easier for our readers, we have provided you with a Cleopatra slot free play option. Simply load the demo version below and see for yourself what the slot has to offer.

Demo Game of the Slot CleopatraInstant Play > Start! Play Free Demo Version Directly in Your Browser

Where Can You Play Cleopatra for Real Money?

As it is one of the most popular and beloved games out there, Cleopatra is present in the catalogue of most casinos out there. So, you will have no worries finding it at your casino of choice. Do bear in mind that when choosing a casino, you have to always look out for the needed certificates. As a player in the UK, you should be in the search of a special certificate by the UK Gambling Commission. You can find its seal of approval at footers of all reputed and safe online casinos.

We recommend Casumo Casino as the best place for playing Cleopatra. I have to admit, Casumo is one of my most favourite operators due to its amazing design, which is easy on the eyes and the abundance of games you can play there. Furthermore, all games can be played in demo version or in real-money one, which is a great convenience for all players, as they don’t need to exit the casino in search of a place to try out the game for free.

Find the Best Cleopatra Casino
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The fact that Cleopatra is so popular among players means that you can find it at most online casinos out there. This is great news, as it gives you the opportunity to have a thoughtful choice of which operator to go for. An important factor in picking a casino is, of course, its popularity among players. If many gamblers are choosing exactly this casino, that would automatically mean they are pleased with what it offers. But that is not all that matters – some new casinos haven’t yet become popular but offer amazing conditions – so do always check first!

Another important characteristic of all casinos is the betting limits which they offer. If you are a high roller, it is in your best interest to look for casinos which offer higher betting limits than others. Even though the differences are minimalistic, you can sometimes find the same game with different limits at two online casinos. Down below you can find out the betting limits of Cleopatra which you can come across, and the operator we recommend for high-stakes gamblers.

Cleopatra Slot Review – All the Details in One Place!

In this review, you can read absolutely all there is no know about the so-loved slot game of IGT – Cleopatra. This game has been around since 2005 and has caused a complete hysteria among gamblers. Some players see it as a way of winning lots of money through its numerous bonus features, whereas others are simply enchanted by its theme and overall flavour. The best part about the game characteristics is the fact that if you get 5 Cleopatra symbols, you will get a 10,000 multiplied win of your bet. Which means that provided you have bet the maximum of £400, you can win as much as £4,000,000.

If you have any experience with Cleopatra, then do rate its features in the table down below. You will be able to see the individual score only once you’ve voted!

Player Score
4.44 of 5
4.44/5 (18 votes)
Expert Score
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Experience
  • Features & Jackpots
  • Theme & Symbols
  • Coin Levels & Limits
  • Graphics & Animation
  • Sounds & Music

How to Play the Cleopatra Slot in a Nutshell

Playing this famous slot is more than simplistic. The game has a very basic, old-school design, which is quite familiar to all gamblers. Before pressing the spin button, you have the ability to adjust the number of paylines you would like to include from 1-20. I would highly recommend always using the maximum amount of paylines for all slots you are playing, as this gives you the ultimate chance of winning big. After that, you have to choose the coin value you prefer from £0.01 to £20.00. According to the coin value and the number of paylines your bet will be calculated. After you are pleased with the value of the bet you can press Spin and awaits as the reels spin. This is all you have to do in a nutshell. As you can see, there is nothing irregular about the procedure.

Maximum Win at Casumo Casino
Basic Info
Type Video Slot
RTP 95.02%
Developer IGT
Year Launched 2005
Mobile-friendly Yes
Free Spins Yes: 15 Free Spins
Bonus Round Yes
Progressive No
Multiplier No
Gamble No
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 20
Lines Pay Left to Right
Theme Ancient Egypt
Autoplay Yes
Quick Spin No
Coin Levels Yes
Bet per Spin £0.20 – £400
Adjust Paylines Yes

The Paytable: Symbols, Winning Combinations and Payouts

As you can probably guess from the overall theme of the slot, the symbols are mysterious and Egypt-related. Some of them bring more money than others, as is the case with most slot games. The Cleopatra symbol can bring you the highest win, as you can win 10,000x bet if you are lucky enough to get 5 symbols. It is also one of the strongest symbols as it plays as a Wild symbol, which substitutes for all except for the Scatter. If one or more Wilds substitute in a win, the win is doubled. The other two lucky symbols are Scarab and Lotus, which multiply your bet 750 times if you get five of them. You can also get the Scatter symbol in the form of a Sphinx. Getting 3 or more of these symbols triggers the Cleopatra Bonus, which awards 15 free spins. During the free spins, all your wins are tripled except for the case when you get 5 Cleopatra symbols, which is, after all, the max win you can get. Down below, you can calculate how much you will win if you get a certain amount of symbols. Place different bet amounts and see the difference!

Symbol2 Symbols3 Symbols4 Symbols5 Symbols
Gold Pendant15100400
Crook Flail1075250
Horus Eye1050250

Overview of the Theme Behind Cleopatra

Welcome to Ancient Egypt – a place rich in culture, arts, religion and one of the first civilizations to invent writing. A truly magical empire, which cannot leave anyone indifferent to its mesmerising essence. One of the reasons this slot game has become a classic is, without a doubt, its spellbinding theme. Fun fact about Cleopatra: She and lover Mark Anthony formed their own drinking society known as the “Inimitable Livers.” She also spoke 7 languages and was a highly debated figure loved and hated by many. It is precisely the fascination with this character, which makes the overall theme of the slot enchanting to many.

The overall look of the slot is very colourful and mystic. The graphics are not as top-notch quality as some of the modern video slots but that is the case for most IGT slots (you can see the full list here). The symbols have an overwhelming amount of twisted features and vivid colours. The mobile version of Cleopatra also has a similar look and characteristics in terms of design and graphics. You have probably already seen what the game looks like from our demo version. Nevertheless, if you have passed on the opportunity to play for free, you can look at the pictures, which we have provided down below. They shall give you a general idea of how the slot and its features appear as.

As you can definitely see for yourself the overall appearance of the slot could be a little bit better compared to the standard of such games nowadays, which is pretty high. Slots by Netent and their major rivals from Microgaming have spectacular graphics, special effects and numerous highly interactive and fascinating features, which easily catch the eye. When it comes to Cleopatra, we can, for sure, not claim such a thing. The symbols are a bit old-dated and there are certainly no attention-grabbing special features.

The slot is, however, so popular not because of its innovative outlook but rather because of the overall theme and numerous winning opportunities. This slot is a classic and there is something about its overall essence, which is appealing to players. All symbols have a touch of mystery, which is definitely one of the most alluring things about them.

Audio Samples:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • Intro
  • Main Theme
  • Winning Combo
  • Free Spins

What Does Ancient Egypt Sound Like?

The overall sound effects of the slot are not something you have never heard before at any game. There isn’t something extraordinary to get too excited about. I would say, however, that the background song matches perfectly the slot theme and the overall feeling the game creates. There are four different sounds you can hear across the slot. The first one is the mystic intro theme, which was taken out from the 1963 movie, where Cleopatra is played by Elizabeth Taylor. The next two sounds are the ones, which are played during the spinning of the slot. They are very much alike but have a slight difference. The last sound is the winning theme, which is played whenever you strike a win. You can hear all the sounds in the table we have provided for you. This way, you can get the overall feeling of the Cleopatra slot atmosphere.

The Betting Ranges at Different Casinos

At all Cleopatra slot sites, the minimum bet you can place is £0.20. This is a good enough minimum, which should satisfy the expectations of most low-stakes players out there. When we speak about maximum limits, there is a little variance across the operators. Most casinos offer a £400 maximum bet, which is a satisfactory enough amount. However, for all the hardcore high-rollers out there, we recommend Casumo. Only there, will you find the special maximum bet of £600. With this amount, the newly calculated highest possible amount would reach the smashing £6,000,000.

The Cleopatra Bonus

Some slots offer both a bonus feature and a free spins feature, which can be unlocked during the main game. In the case of Cleopatra, the bonus feature is, in fact, free spins. They can be unlocked once you get three, four or five Sphinx Scatter symbols to appear anywhere on the reels. This triggers 15 free spins, which will start after a small intro of the bonus feature. All wins, except 5 Cleopatra symbols, are tripled during the bonus feature. If, during the free spins, three or more Sphinx Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels, another 15 free spins will be awarded. The maximum amount of free spins you can get within a bonus round is 180. Free spins are played at the same bet line and number of paylines as the original spin that triggered them.

Return to Player (RTP) Overview

The return to player percentage of all slots is the portion of all bets, which is paid back by the machine in the form of winnings. This estimated percentage is, of course, highly theoretical since it is mostly up to luck in the gambling world. However, slot players usually pay attention to the RTP percentage of most games they are playing and sometimes use it as a criterion for whether they are going to play a certain game or not. In comparison to other casino games, slots definitely have a higher RTP, which is one of the reasons why gamblers prefer playing them. The Cleopatra slot RTP is 95.02%, which is around the mediocre part of the slot RTP line.

Comparison of the RTP of Cleopatra Slot

In the table above, we have compared where the Cleopatra slot RTP is compared to the highest and lowers RTPs in the history of slots. As you can see, it is far closer to the highest known, than it is to the lowest, which is a good sign. Nevertheless, there are many other slots out there with scores around 97% and 98%. However, as we already discussed these scores are all theoretical and we should never rely too much on their accuracy. So, for the purpose of playing a slot game as a form of entertainment from time to time, 95.02% is a pretty decent RTP. Of course, all Cleopatra slot sites should have the RTP officially listed, so you can always check on your own – we are yet to find any disparancies between seperate operators.

The Math Behind the Cleopatra Slot Machine

Cleopatra has short reels with many symbols and none of the 3-symbol combinations repeat. The free spins use the same reels as the basic game and the whole math behind the game is based exclusively on reels. The game hits at least one winning combination in 35.8% of the rounds. This is a high number, which definitely keeps players intrigued. However, that is in the case when you count all wins, even those when you lose. If you spin £1 and win £0.50, you have in fact lost £0.50. If we were to count just the rounds with wins higher than £1, we would end up with 19.18% of winning rounds.

A fun fact about the game is that the lowest possible win, when you play with 20 lines and 1 cent per line, is 4 coins. The highest ever recorded win in the game was $664.50. In terms of volatility, Cleopatra is around the medium level of all slot games. The big wins come when you switch to 1 line instead of 20. Then, you have reasonable chances for wins higher than 1000-times the bet you have placed. Their feature, which allows you to bet up to £200 on a single line, makes it one of the best all-in options in online casinos. The hit frequency of the slot when all 20 paylines are active is around 35.88%, which is not that ideal compared to other games.

Can You Play Cleopatra on Your Mobile?

Playing on the go has become a total hit in the gambling industry. This innovation has allowed gamblers to play their favourite games from any location and device, at any time during the day. This is a great way to kill some time or simply quench your desire to play at any time. As is the case with most slot games nowadays, Cleopatra has been fully optimized for all mobile devices. The design and outlook of the game have been created perfectly so it could fit the small screen and appear in a neat manner. It is always better to play slots in a horizontal screen orientation, as this gives you the best possible view. It is compatible with all Apple and Android devices, such as tablets, iPads, iPhones, smartphones and so on.

The Slot Cleopatra for Mobile Devices
Cleopatra QR Code
Available for: iOS Android
£300 Welcome Bonus
Play here
Full T&Cs apply.. New customers. Opt-in required. 20 Bonus Spins on "Sahara Riches Cash Collect" at 10p per spin and 100% Deposit Bonus up to £25 on first deposit (payment method and play restrictions apply). Min. deposit £10. 30x wagering for Bonus Spins and Deposit Bonus (game weighting applies). Max. £5/spin or £0.50/line. 30 days expiry. Please gamble responsibly • • T&Cs apply

Cleopatra can usually be played directly from the browser of your mobile phone, provided you have a registration at the casino. If the casino has a mobile app, which is not the case for all operators, you can download the app and search for the Cleopatra slot within the catalogue pages. If the casino has the game in its web app, chances are it’s going to have it in the mobile app as well. So, go ahead and check your favourite mobile casino for the classic slot game Cleopatra!

Player Experience With the Cleopatra Slot Machine

Playing the game can be quite fun if you are into the mystic theme. The sound and graphics all contribute perfectly to the overall atmosphere and are engaging for gamblers. However, because it is quite monotonous and lacks any special bonus features, which can be unlocked from time to time to interleave the process of the game. This means that you can get sick quite quickly while playing the game. The only free spins feature, which can be unlocked is nothing but spinning the same Cleopatra reels 15 times for free. Thus, you cannot really give yourself a break from the monotony of the game. Nevertheless, this game continues to be a player-favourite because of the numerous winning opportunities it provides and the high RTP. If you haven’t got the chance to feel the slot experience yet, you can play Cleopatra slot machine in the demo version we have provided for you.

Is Cleopatra for Real?

When it comes to fairness, each casino runs its own tests to discover if the games in their catalogue and truly RNG and up to chance. As long as you play at a reputable operator, which has licenses by the UK Gambling Commission and testing houses, such as eCogra and iTech, you can rest assured all games at their website have been tested for fairness. At this point, we should mention that all the casinos at our website and in our top 5 table are fully licensed and certified, so you can safely choose one and start playing the Cleopatra slot.

At this point in our review, we would like to remind you of the importance of certified casinos when you want to play Cleopatra for real money. We’ve had quite a lot to say about the best casinos, but security is always the common factor. When you play at a dodgy online casino, which offers a giant welcome bonus to entice future players, you are in fact risking losing all of your money. Always remember to check the casino’s footer for the needed certificates and licenses if you wish to ever receive your winnings. We have already provided a list of top five reputed operators, where you can safely play the Cleopatra slot game.

Discover All the Tips and Tricks for Winning Big at Cleopatra

When it comes to increasing your chances at RNG games, we can consider it a grey area. There are many disputes on the topic. Some claim you can skew the chances in your direction, whilst others believe it is all completely down to sheer luck. A proven tactic to win more money is to raise your bet. This is a bit tricky sometimes, as you must learn when to stop and not get carried away. Down below, we have provided 4 tips for gamblers, who wish to win big at Cleopatra.

1. Use All the Paylines.

It is really important to always use the maximum amount of paylines available. This way, you have a bigger chance of winning big with every spin. IGT has been generous enough to give 20 paylines, which provide you with opportunities to win. Don’t be silly and miss out on any of them!

2. Don’t Play With the Smallest Bet.

If you continuously play using the smallest bet of £0.20 your chances of winning big are smaller. That is due to the fact that the most common wins are from 2-3 symbols, which give you x2 or x5 your bet. If your bet is of £0.20, that would mean you will only receive £0.40, which isn’t worth it.

3. Take Advantage of Bonuses.

If the casino has been kind enough to give you a bonus, always take it! Some casinos, like Casumo, offer a no-deposit bonus of 20 free spins. This gives you extra opportunity to win without betting any of your own money, which will make even the smallest win worth it.

4. Set Your Bankroll.

It is a must for all players to always set a certain amount they think is suitable to be spent according to their budget. If you constantly get carried away and go over the limit, you are certain to lose way more money than you can win. So, play responsibly!

A Brief History of the Slot

The Cleopatra slot game, by the renowned IGT developer, has been deemed one of the most popular slots of all time. It first appeared as a land-based slot machine in 1975 and was one of the very first slots to appear in casinos. This is one of the reasons for its immense popularity and the fact that millions of players worldwide continue to play the slot every day. It was based in the United States of America and with the growing domination of technology, IGT decided to transform this all-time favourite slot into an online game in 2005. This game is now still played at various land-based casinos in Vegas and around the world but has also built a name for itself in the online gambling sector. It’s virtually impossible to talk about the best online slots – like we do! – without giving the old begemoth its due.

Are There Other Versions of Cleopatra You Can Play?

Like many of the successful slot games out there, Cleopatra has a few follow-up versions. The first one is Cleopatra 2, which is supposed to be a better version of the first Cleopatra. The graphics are, however, still a bit dated, and it has a plain white background. The symbols are different as they appear more gold, although the regular game is almost identical – there are scatters, wilds and 20 paylines. Another variation of the slot is the Cleopatra Mega Jackpots, which is again produced by IGT. This game has better graphics and design than the previous two and also has a progressive jackpot. Other slots with the same theme are Cleopatra: Last of the Pharaohs, Cleopatra Plus, Cleopatra: Queen of Slots and Queen Cleopatra.

Slot Competition: How Does Cleopatra Compare with Others?

Cleopatra is one of the most famous slots in the world and we have already established it. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea as different gamblers prefer different characteristics in a game. Some players prefer innovative slots with numerous high-quality graphics, whereas other players usually go for slots with numerous bonus opportunities and free spins. To make it easier for you to compare Cleopatra to some of its major competitors in the field, we have provided a radar for you. Enjoy!

Compare Cleopatra Slot with Other Games
Compare Cleopatra to our top 3 choices for best online slots on the internet. You can click on the colour before the slot name to see its coordinates.

All Cleopatra Slot Casinos

We’ve already listed our best Cleopatra casinos in the beginning of this article, but if you feel that you want something different, there are many other options for real money play. As Cleopatra is a popular game, you can find at almost any online casino, especially if it offers slots by IGT. Down below, you can see a list of all the operators, which have Cleopatra in their catalogue. If you click on the logo of any of the casinos, it will take you straight to its specially dedicated review. This way you can get to know the operator more thoroughly before choosing it as your next gambling destination. So, check out the Cleopatra slot sites down below and make your pick!

Tell Us What You Think

Well there it is – the end of our special Cleopatra slot review. It was quite fun getting on the rollercoaster of this ever-green classic by IGT. This article reflects how we see the game in our objective way. But player opinion is, after all, the most important thing to us and we would love it if you could leave a comment in the section down below. You can point out any positive/negative characteristics of the game or simply share stories from your experience as a gambler. We would also love it if you could comment on the overall structure of the review and give us some feedback. Good luck with your gambling adventures and don’t forget to play smart!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleopatra is one of those slots that never goes out of style. Naturally, people have questions about it, so we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked ones. In the following section, you will find the answers to the most common queries regarding the game.

What is the RTP of Cleopatra slot?

The RTP of the Cleopatra slot is 95.02%. We have created a comparison with other slots so that you can better understand how favourable this figure is. Check out our Cleopatra RTP overview section for full details.

What do the symbols on Cleopatra slot mean?

The Cleopatra slot has various symbols incorporated with most of them being Egyptian-themed. There is one scatter and one wild. If you're extremely lucky and manage to get 5 Cleopatra symbols, that's a 10,000x multiplier. To learn more, check out our Cleopatra paytable section with all the symbols, winning combinations and potential payouts.

Where can I play IGT's Cleopatra slot?

Taking into consideration how popular the Cleopatra slot is, you can safely bet that it would be available at most casinos. However, we've made an effort to provide you with the best real money casinos to play Cleopatra.

How do I play the Cleopatra slot by IGT?

Learn how to play Cleopatra slot game with our detailed, yet easy to follow guide. You'll learn everything about the symbols, winning combinations and paylines. We've also covered the betting range, how to maximize your chances of winning and more.

Can you play Cleopatra slot on your mobile device?

Technically, you can, but whether the casino has it implemented is another question. In a nutshell, if you can find the game in the operator's catalogue from your mobile browser, then most likely, you'll also be able to play it in the Cleopatra casino mobile app.

We need your opinion! What were your experiences with this slot?

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