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Frozen Inferno – Full Game Details

In mirrored worlds, two identical wizards wield the magic powers of fire and ice to hold sway over their kingdoms from their gothic castles. A spin of the slot will give you insight into the tools of the mystical trade that these magicians use to gain their riches. Will you feel the heat of the fire or the chill of the ice? Find out in our free demo of the Scientific Games slot below.

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An Overview of the Rules and Features

Frozen Inferno is a combination of two games in one, but the differences end in the purely visual features. Whether you are shrouded in the crimson of the fire theme or the cerulean of the ice theme, the gameplay works exactly the same way. We’ve got five reels and four rows to work with, offering a total of 40 paylines across the grid. There are 10 different symbols for each theme that are identical but for the colour, all depicting an evil-looking ingredient likely found in a wicked wizard’s wardrobe. The Wild symbols are animated and sticky, meaning they stay in the grid but move to an adjacent spot with every spin. The static graphics look like the posters hanging on the bedroom walls of an angsty teenager going through a goth phase, and the soundtrack is trying equally as hard to get attention. Spin the slot and hear the ominous cello and clangs of cell doors, but the music only lasts for 20 seconds before it fades out to complete silence until you click spin again – the lack of auto spin function is all the more obvious in this instance. There are celebratory jangles at each winning spin too, which are particularly present in the free spins section.

The free spins are unlimited until you win five times, but they’re incredibly difficult to trigger. There need to be four Wild symbols roaming the grid, then a Bonus symbol also needs to appear. The ridiculous combination required to trigger the free spins explains the guaranteed five wins, though. Not just twins across their competing realms, matching three or more identical wizards will payout big, as the goatee-wearing men conjure fireballs – or iceballs – on the grid to match their glowing eyes. Is it a threat? Impossible to tell, really, but either way the magic never leaves the sorcerers’ hands.

  • Game Information
  • Category: Video Slot
  • Provider:
  • Theme: Fantasy
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 4
  • Paylines: 40 selectable
  • Lines Pay: Left to right
  • Bet per Spin: £0.4 - £200
  • Return to Player: 96.36%
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  • Basic Rules
  • Wild: Replace all except bonus
  • Multiplier:
  • Gamble:
  • Free Spins: Unlimited spins until 5 wins
  • Bonus Round:
  • Progressive Jackpot:
  • Maximum Win: x250,000
  • Special Features: Roving wild
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All Symbols and Payouts

  • Frozen Wiz symbol in Frozen Inferno slotFrozen Wiz 3x 504x 2505x 1,250
  • Inferno Wiz symbol in Frozen Inferno slotInferno Wiz 3x 504x 2505x 1,250
  • Wild Ice symbol in Frozen Inferno slotWild Ice 3x 504x 2505x 1,250
  • Wild Fire symbol in Frozen Inferno slotWild Fire 3x 504x 2505x 1,250
  • Castle symbol in Frozen Inferno slotCastle 3x 504x 2005x 1,000
  • Potion symbol in Frozen Inferno slotPotion 3x 504x 1255x 500
  • Ball symbol in Frozen Inferno slotBall 3x 504x 1255x 500
  • Wand symbol in Frozen Inferno slotWand 3x 254x 1005x 375
  • Skull symbol in Frozen Inferno slotSkull 3x 254x 1005x 375
  • Ring symbol in Frozen Inferno slotRing 3x 254x 755x 250
  • Runes symbol in Frozen Inferno slotRunes 3x 254x 755x 250
  • Amulet symbol in Frozen Inferno slotAmulet 3x 254x 755x 250
  • Scroll symbol in Frozen Inferno slotScroll 3x 254x 505x 250
  • Ice symbol in Frozen Inferno slotIce
  • Fire symbol in Frozen Inferno slotFire
  • Ice Bonus symbol in Frozen Inferno slotIce Bonus
  • Fire Bonus symbol in Frozen Inferno slotFire Bonus
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Conclusion – Lukewarm

Once you look past the glut of different symbols involved in Frozen Inferno, this slot from Scientific Games turns out to be, at best, acceptable. The spinning reels take just a little bit too long to land, and the hard-to-activate free spins might not even be possible. The RTP is great though at 96.36% so if you want something with simple gameplay and gothic graphics, this is the slot for you. Do you fit that description? Tell us in the comments below.

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