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Grand 777 – How Grand Are They, Anyway?

The number 7 holds significance in quite a lot of cultures, and in the West it’s been largely considered to be a symbol of luck. With that said, just how lucky is Microgaming’s classic slot themed around it, anyway?

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Format and Basic Rules

So, the big questions we’ve all got are “Just how grand are the titular 7s”, and “How lucky are they, anyway?” I’m afraid that the answer to both is “Not very.” While a lot of classic slots tend to suffer from the fact that they don’t have enough new features, here Microgaming have actually removed things that most players would consider downright essential, such as the Wild symbol. The trade-off – the ability to add a third coin to your bet and triple your winnings – honestly isn’t worth it, considering the fact that this relatively minor addition has decreased both the amount that players can win with one or two-coin bets compared to the slot’s contemporaries and the frequency of these wins. It feels like a rip-off no matter what way you slice it.

Game Information
CategoryClassic Slot
Paylines1 Fixed
Lines PayLeft to Right
Bet per Spin£1 - £3
Return to Player95.93%
Basic Rules
Free SpinsNo
Bonus RoundNo
Progressive JackpotNo
Maximum WinYes: x2.500
Special FeaturesYes: None

Symbols and Payouts

Symbol1 Symbols2 Symbols3 Symbols
Red 7500
Blue 780
Triple Bar30
Double Bar20
Single Bar10

Video Preview

Conclusion – Test Your Luck Elsewhere

I don’t say this often, I really don’t, but in all honesty, there’s absolutely nothing redeeming about “Grand 777”. The slot doesn’t look that great, with an extremely boring theme and no original music, and when you add in the fact that the game also doesn’t have any sort of bonus features at all, not even something as simple, standard and generic as a Wild, the whole thing starts to reek. Combine that with the fact that wins have been intentionally reduced in order to encourage bets of 3 coins over bets with 1 and 2, and I can’t help but feel like Microgaming’s whole scheme here was to blatantly suck the player dry of their money, and that’s really saying something considering I’m talking about a slot. Stay away.

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