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Wonderland – An Expedition Away from Your Mundane Life!

Let’s hold hands and jump into the Rabbit hole to join Alice and her friends in a quirky yet thrilling adventure. With graphics, so awe-inspiring that you’d forget that you are viewing them via screen. Tremble down, play online, and follow this breath-taking journey!

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Know the Wonderland

Are you ready to embark on a breath-taking journey? iSoftBet takes you on a trip down the rabbit hole with its video slot Wonderland. A slot based on the awe-inspiring tale of Alice in Wonderland. Here you will witness mind blowing graphics, quirky characters that will make you laugh. So, walk away from your boring lives and indulge yourself in this 5 Reel-4 Row expedition with a 100 paylines and numerous chances to win!

If it isn’t interesting enough? The game offers a whopping progressive jackpot that is built to rain money!

The slot has a fantasy theme where it closely follows the journey of Alice through the alluding world of wonderland. Even though the symbols are adapted from the original story, the artwork is entirely original which makes it a unique visual paradise. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in this enthralling-original visual universe and unlock the potential of winning big!

Game Information
CategoryVideo Slot
Paylines100 Fixed
Lines PayLeft to right
Bet per Spin£1.00 - £5.00
Return to Player94.38%
Basic Rules
WildYes: Yes, the game has Cake Icon for wild symbol
Free SpinsNo
Bonus RoundYes: Yes, the game has multiple exciting bonus rounds
Progressive JackpotYes: Yes, 4 ways to win the progressive jackpot.
Maximum WinYes: 10,000 credits
Special FeaturesYes: Yes, the game has an array of special features like Queen of Hearts Croquet, The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, White Roses, The Queen’s Court

It seems you have trembled down with Alice and now your expedition in the Wonderland has begun! You look around and find an array of fascinating characters. Their lively quirky nature brings a smile on your face. Such will be your feelings once you start playing iSoftBet’s Wonderland. The slot is an applauding structure of four-row, five-reel slot and a 100 paylines which gives you a prospect to summon multiple chances of the progressive jackpot.

The game has a simple premise; it doesn’t offer a free spin round; instead, it gives multiple chances to win an enormous progressive jackpot through a diverse series of bonus games. Making it all the more interesting and addictive because the stakes are high and chances of winning higher.

The game offers you to pick a coin value and bet from 1 to 5 coins per spin, with as many active paylines as you wish which means you can easily modify your settings as you see fit and spin the reels to get the game started and see what fortune has planned for you.

All Symbols and Payouts

Symbol2 Symbols3 Symbols4 Symbols5 Symbols
Mad Hatter 25502001000
White Rabbit2050150800
Cheshire Cat1025150500

Wonderland embarks upon an enthralling journey taking you to the fascinating world of Alice. But the world of Alice is all but incomplete without it’s eccentric and quirky characters. And, these bizarre characters are brought to you in a visually appealing original art form. There is the energy filled Mad Hatter, the quirky White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the vibrant Hedgehog.

But as it is obvious the most rewarding symbol is that of Alice 1,000 credits for 5, 250 for 4, and 50 for 3. So, hop on and follow me through in this adrenaline-filled ride with the most intriguing partners (characters).

Quirks, Perks and Bonus Features

The fascinating slot of Wonderland is filled with attractive bonuses!

There are:

Queen of Hearts Croquet: In this feature as the player first-time finds three purple ‘Drink Me’ icons, they are offered a chance to challenge The Queen of Hearts to a game of croquet. If the player wins the match, they are awarded the opportunity to play a second bonus game.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: The Mad Hatter’s elite Tea Party is an opportunity to pick ’em bonus where players get the chance to select teapots with cash prizes hidden inside.

White Roses: White Roses bonus feature is another pick ’em bonus. The objective is fairly simple to paint all the roses red before the Queen of Hearts appears.

The Queen’s Court: The Queen’s court is a hi-lo card game. In this, the players advance by correctly picking whether the next card will be higher or lower than the one on the current screen.

Alice and the Magical Progressive Jackpot

There are multiple ways to win Progressive Jackpots in Wonderland.

Queen of Hearts Croquet: Find three purple ‘Drink Me’ iconS, challenge The Queen of Hearts to a game of croquet, win the match. Play a second bonus game-free at least 5 Hedgehogs and win the progressive jackpot.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: In the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, pick a Dormouse in any of the teacups to activate the second bonus round. Once the second bonus round is activated start picking cupcakes. If fortune has it, you’ll pick a progressive Coin in any of the cupcakes which will earn you a progressive jackpot win.

White Roses: While painting all the white roses red before the Queen of Hearts appear will also trigger a progressive jackpot win.

The Queen’s Court: Turning over the Joker card in the Queen’s Court will also trigger a progressive jackpot win.

Video Preview

Variance, RTP and Tips You Can Use

Ah, now you are probably well aware of the magical world of Wonderland. We have discussed enough the impressive graphics, all the fascinating, quirky symbols and the adrenaline triggering gold mines of progressive jackpots.

The slot has an enthralling RTP rate of 94.38%, which implies that 94.38% of the money that the players wage in the game will be paid back to them over time. Still, then we should remember that this is calculated in a prolonged time hence we should not expect that the value shown on every spin will be won back.

Thus with such high RTP, the game is a wonderland of wins!

Conclusion – Perks of Being a Wonderland Lover

Wonderland is a delightful slot to play because of its exciting graphics and original artwork that depicts the bizarre characters of Alice in Wonderland. The game is truly an expedition of joy with its five-reel structure. While playing the game, I had a constant smile on my face and the various ways to win Progressive Jackpots kept my toes curled all along!

The only thing it lacks is that there is no option of free spins which most online games offer today. But then it’s very well compensated with the plethora of winning options with multi-layered bonus structures.

I believe it holds well with its reputation of being New York’s one of the biggest progressive jackpot payouts. This was my experience down the rabbit hole. Share yours in the comment section and let’s discuss!

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