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Incinerator – Waste Management Overload

Picture the scene: you are in control of the biggest trash dump in the known universe, and a mighty machine to dispose of gargantuan garbage is at your disposal. You are paid for massacring the mess in the most malevolent manner imaginable.

Destroying patterns of trash can be done for real money over at Casumo Casino, the number one casino for December 2018.

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An Overview of the Rules and Features

Incinerator features a Wild Pattern feature, which is triggered by three consecutive wins. There are 16 Wild Patterns in total, and they reward you with potentially prodigious profits. The patterns are unconventional shapes rather than the 20 base game patterns, which run from left to right in a more traditional manner. Achieving a single wild pattern incinerates the symbols, with the empty slots filled with new ones, acting like a re-spin. Rather than filling the slots with more conventional things you might want to incinerate, such as regular household waste, trash bags filled with mango pulp, or a U2 CD, the symbols are rather better-looking, better sounding wedges of space debris. The chunks plop into place with mechanical precision as the searching soundtrack seems to scan the system for the next load. There is a far-future feel to this fantastical slot, and its sleekness belies its subject matter. Slots themed on ninjas, surfboards or Barry White have come and gone looking distinctly less stealthy and smooth as this trash compactor extravaganza.

  • Game Information
  • Category: Video Slot
  • Provider:
  • Theme: Fantasy
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 20 Fixed
  • Lines Pay: Left to Right
  • Bet per Spin: £0.01 - £10
  • Return to Player: 96.10%
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  • Basic Rules
  • Wild: Replaces all symbols
  • Multiplier:
  • Gamble:
  • Free Spins:
  • Bonus Round: Triggered by 3 consecutive wins
  • Progressive Jackpot:
  • Maximum Win: x60.000
  • Special Features: Wild Pattern feature
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All Symbols and Payouts

  • Blue Junk symbol in the Incinerator slotBlue Junk 3x 74x 755x 200
  • Red Junk symbol in the Incinerator slotRed Junk 3x 64x 405x 100
  • Orange Junk symbol in the Incinerator slotOrange Junk 3x 54x 305x 80
  • Green Junk symbol in the Incinerator slotGreen Junk 3x 44x 255x 70
  • Purple Junk symbol in the Incinerator slotPurple Junk 3x 34x 205x 60
  • Claret Junk symbol in the Incinerator slotClaret Junk 3x 34x 205x 50
  • Wild Symbol (Wild)
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Video Preview: Waste Not, Want Not

Conclusion – Smashing, Trash Compacting Satisfaction

Yggdrasil has created yet another video slot with more unique features than the world’s first monkey-spider-manatee hybrid test tube baby. Its approach to mixing up the oft-same slot situations is commendable, and even more so if it offers punters a decent shot at wins. The payouts here are as common as dirt and the game glides along gracefully like a pile of bricks doesn’t. If you want to try something a bit different, stick your face into this one. It’ll leave you questioning whatever next, and wondering where all those hours spent tediously spinning stodgy slots went. Play the game and let us know your thoughts with the comments box below!

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