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The Route to Gambling Awareness

By: Sarah JonesFebruary 11, 2019

Slot machines are the ones most frequently linked to developing a gambling addiction. The constantly spinning reels, gratification awards and cash limits reaching a £100 note can make you break emotionally and physically. Do you immerse yourself in the game as if you are in a state of trance? And how dangerous is that? Perhaps, this test will help you get a little bit more self-aware of your own thoughts and habits.

Should I Ever Get Concerned for my Gambling Actions?

Not only gambling can affect your income, but it turns out the addiction impairs your phycological and physical health. Often, gamblers who are hooked can experience depression, migraine, digestion disorders and other problems in relation to anxiousness. According to statistics more than 2 million people are either affected by gambling addiction or at risk of getting dependent. A report written by the Gambling Commission in 2017 shows that the those aged between 16 and 24 are most likely to gamble on scratch cards whereas National Lottery draws are the most popular activity for all age groups. What is more, online gambling has been on the rise for the last 2 years. Even though, online casinos often publish their socially responsible partners where you can read extensively about the symptom of addiction, here we provide an opportunity to test your gambling awareness.

Gambling Awareness Self-Assessment Test

Are you concerned that you are at risk of problem gambling? Or else, your family is constantly nagging you for your spending routines? It is a common misconception that gambling is a financial problem. The truth is that gambling is an emotional concern with financial outcomes. Here, you can take this self-assessment test to gauge your level of addiction.

Light Addiction You have absolutely no reason to worry. The evidence based on your most frequent response shows that you are unlikely to get mentally attached to gambling or have persistent cravings for gaining more. You follow the gambling code of conduct: 'Quit when you are ahead'. Perhaps, if you have been playing for less than a year, than it is likely that you do not see any red flags yet. Keep track on small symptoms that may indicate developing an addiction.
Medium Addiction It looks like you are at risk of developing a gambling problem. If you find yourself stressful when gambling or looking for an escape from the bad days at the office, perhaps it is time that you switch your hobby for something else that will cause you less trouble. Or else, you can always seek help from Gamble Aware, Game Care and Gamblers Anonymous.
High Addiction Hey, you must have seen this test in a positive light to be here. That is great, though, it may indicate that you are slightly obsessed with gambling and the issue causes you frequent disputes with loved ones and family or being always out of cash. And, that is not so great. If you think gambling may be the main reason for the troublesome life you have been experiencing lately, it is time to be honest with yourself and your loved ones. Besides, associations like Gamble Aware are awarded £8mn yearly of industrial funding. Also, they run the only clinic for gambling problems located in London.
Do you feel excited when you gamble with an increasing amount of money?
How often do you acknowledge a feeling of restlessness when seeking to practice self-exclusion?
Have you observed repeated attempts at controlling and reducing gambling activities?
How often is gambling on your mind? Do you make gambling plans?
Is gambling an outlet for unresolved emotions including stress?
How frequently do you return to gamble after losing money? Is there an unsatiated craving for winning back what you have lost?
Do you think of innocent white lies now and then to cover up for your gambling activities?
Do you experience problems at work, school or within your relationship with relatives and close ones due to problematic behaviour?
Do you borrow cash from others to gamble?
When you gamble do you find a similar feeling to enjoying a drink in the bar?
When playing slots do you immerse yourself in the game missing the changing figures on the side bars? It is like you are in a state of trance, losing track of time while playing.
Do you feel upset if someone else is playing at 'your' slot machine in the casino?
Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always