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Can You Manipulate Slot Machines?

By: Cat MarshallAugust 31, 2020

There has rarely been a player who has not googled ‘how to cheat the slot machine’ at least once in their casino experience. Considering you were doing that just now, officially, welcome to the club! Of course, there could be many reasons for one to look for such information, for example, pure curiosity.

Truth be told, there is much to be said about how to manipulate a slot machine, and we will go into much details. The short answer to the question is yes, slot machines have been manipulated in the past. Moreover, we will discuss not only what players can do, but if casinos can manipulate slots as well.

Players and Slot Machines

However, before we go any further, we would like to point out that we do not encourage anyone to follow the given manipulation methods or attempt fraud. The purpose of this article is to provide you with an insight into what people have done in the past, and what is possible to be done if you want to cheat the system.

In addition, we will tell you what methods the casinos use, to rig their slots. If anyone is offering you a guaranteed way for you to succeed and make money, we advise you to avoid such offers as they are most definitely a scam. Now, without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Manipulated Coins

One of the most popular ways to manipulate a slot machine was to use a coin to trick the registered balance. The way this was done was by attaching a coin to a long nylon wire and then feeding it into the slot machine multiple times.

By doing this, players used to manipulate the machine into thinking that you are throwing many coins, thus depositing a considerable balance, whereas it is all but fictional. After that is done, they can just play with the fake in-game credits and collect all the winnings. This method was successful for a while because the slot machines could not detect the wire, and they were registering the coins.

In some cases, players were using magnets to influence the cash dispenser mechanism directly, making the machine to release way more money than it must. However, slot manufacturers found about that and began developing new security measures in order to detect any fraudulent attempts on the slot machines.

Nowadays, since the slots are no-longer simply mechanical but electro-mechanical, it has become more difficult for schemers to manipulate them. On top of that, the viral use of CCTV has made the business even more secure, hence it is virtually impossible not to get caught, eventually. Even if you figure a way to do it, it might take just long enough for the security to notice you’re doing something shady on the security camera and catch you in the middle of the act.

Controlling the Game and the Results

With the slot machines getting more complicated, inventive enthusiasts did not give up. They simply upped their game, trying to break the wheel once again. Despite the operating details of a slot machine to be corporate trade secrets, there were always such people that tried to figure out how the software operates and how they can topple it. We are most certain that when these rollers were preparing how to manipulate a slot machine, they did their homework on the slots. Therefore, as a future hacker to be, we suggest you check out our article on slots terminology.

Anyhow, the first electro-mechanical slot machines offered the feature to stop the reels. That meant that some experienced players with lightning fingers could essentially stop the reels when they choose, hence increasing the profit consistency. However, this was not a scam as it was provided by the slot machines themselves. With the appearance of people who knew how to increase their odds using the system, companies began to design their slot machines differently, allowing players to stop just one reel. Anyhow, the option to stop any reels was later completely taken off, leaving players unable to stop any of the reels whatsoever.

Some rollers figured a way to bypass even these security measures. The solution came in the form of an electromagnetic pulse, hidden in an electric lighter. The way it worked was that the lighter generated the appropriate amperage to create a magnetic field. When done close to the slot machine, it affects the sensitive computer, allowing players to alter and stop the reels. Anyhow, that finding did not last for long as manufacturers upgraded their operating systems, beefing them up with additional external protection.

How to Cheat a Slot Machine Software

With the software of the machines improving, their security and defences get better and better. But there are always people able to crack even the toughest shells. If one has the knowledge of behaviour and possible weaknesses of an electronic device, well, that can surely be exploited. A great story tells us of an intriguing software that allowed the hackers to have full control over the machine. It is not known how they managed to install that software on the slot, whether they were helped by an inside person, or they were working there themselves.

What is known is that they had programmed the slot to have a winning combination of buttons. This means that whenever they clicked a certain key combination, the slot was giving them a win. But wait, it gets even better, having this secret cheat combination also means that if you do not know it, the machine works just like any others. In other words, you could sit there, play a few spins, generate some profit, and leave the slot for somebody else to play at it afterwards, completely disguising yourself.

Of course, if you draw the attention of the security, and they start following your moves with the cameras, you’ll be caught sooner or later. After all, holding multiple buttons at the same time, while the game requires you to just click one, might not be that hard to be seen as suspicious.

Exploiting Bugs

Every one of us has experienced numerous software bugs, be they on your computer, smartphone, washing machine or a video game. With some, you just learn to live with, others you exploit. The world of the slot machines is no different. For example, some players noticed that when they are playing a certain roulette, if they placed a bet and cancelled it at the same time, their credits would go back to them, but they also remained on the table. That virtually meant that they could bet as many times as they wanted, without having any risk of losing.

However, if you participate in an activity like this one, you will most definitely get caught at one point. Moreover, since you knew about the exploit and used it for your benefit, you cannot claim to be innocent. Such actions are classified as attempted fraud and are completely illegal. Henceforth, if you are milking a bugged cash cow, you better have your running shoes with you, because you might be running straight to a sentence.


You heard it right, we will be talking about bots. These are not gigantic scary robots who seek mechanical utopia but small computer programs that automatically play the online slots, repeatedly. Their purpose is to find a weakness in the random number generator of the particular casino, that you could potentially exploit. However, the RNG aspect of the games is constantly supervised and tested by the casinos and the regulatory authorities, leaving no actual possibility for the bots to find a crack in the defence. If you would like to visit one of these bot-proof gaming sites, you can check out our review about the best slot sites.

Do Casinos Manipulate Slot Machines?

Some may wonder, if players try to cheat, do casinos manipulate slot machines as well? Unfortunately, the fraud does not happen only on the players’ end, but on the other side as well. Of course, that is one of the reasons why regulation authorities such as the UKGC exist. Prior to their creation, casinos were poorly regulated and could have cheated easily, by offering their clients rigged games. Nowadays, however, we live in a much safer environment. If you play only at legitimately certified casinos, you will not experience any crooked games.

Anyhow, there are other dangers lurking around the casinos. Regardless if it is regarding an online casino or not, imagine this shady Gollum-like person, who offers you some inside-knowledge on how to manipulate a slot game. Just only for a certain price, you will have all the information that you need to enter the first casino, grab the big cash and move to live in an Australian mansion. Isn’t it a bit too perfect? If you knew the path to the pot o’ gold, would you share it for some chunks of coin instead of taking all the riches and running away yourself?

Yeah, that is a big, red warning, isn’t it? Have in mind that this person can come in many shapes and forms, it can be a guy on the street or the perfect looking 100% legit billionaire from the internet. Anyhow, such websites exist, and their purchasable software manipulation practices are often backed up by some fake attorney’s signature and certificate.

Furthermore, this grand picture of a wonderland experience will be further strengthened by videos of how easy and safe it is, and perhaps how many people have done it. The harsh reality is that either nothing of what you’ve purchased will work, or it will be stopped by the casino’s software.

Common Slot Machine Myths

In this section, we have selected a couple of the most common myths regarding slot machines, and we are going to find answers for them and, respectively, debunk them if possible.

Activity Levels Affect the Odds

Some people believe that when you continuously bet on the same game and increase your bet per spin value, you will increase your chances of winning. Unfortunately, that is not true. Due to the RNG software in each slot machine game, the outcome of each roll is generated individually, without a mastermind standing behind the curtains tracking if you are offering more coins to the God of the reels. Anyhow, some game’s payout ratio might increase whenever you insert more coins into the particular spin. Generally, the chances of a win are always the same.

Raise the Stakes When You are Not Winning

As previously said, due to the RNG of each slot machine game, raising the stakes does not promise that you will win the next roll. As each spin is calculated on its own, losing a few in a row does not guarantee that you will start winning. Now, mathematically speaking, you cannot always loose but, hey, you never know. Anyhow, as much as this tip is a myth, there is a certain logic into it. Similar methodology has been used in the Martingale Strategy in roulette games, but once again, the rules that apply to a certain game does not necessarily apply to all.

Playing During the Night is Better

This myth goes around the idea that it is better to play during night-time since all the good players have gone to bed. Moreover, the slot machines have generated a lot of money during the day and are ready to give back. Ultimately, the machines are completely random. You can earn a jackpot during the day or the night, or not win at all.


To conclude, throughout the years, people have come up with numerous ways on how to manipulate a slot machine, but as with many other things, problems lead to improvement. The current state of the slot machines is safe and sound. With the constant supervision by third-party organisations, both games and providers are kept in perfect order. Ultimately, unless you are a master hacker, there is no easy way to beat the rollers’ system and get a nice profit. If you have changed your mind of manipulating the slots and want to go for a few spins, we have prepared a list of some excellent new slot sites, that will intrigue you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure that you have any additional queries regarding how to manipulate a slot machine and if the online slots are rigged. Therefore, we have decided to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, for your convenience.

🎰 Can slot machines be rigged?

The answer is no! Slot machines cannot be rigged, especially at the online casinos. The casinos are regularly checked by third-party agencies that ensure their trustworthiness and safe play. To learn more about this topic, please visit the designated section.

🎱 How to manipulate a slot machine?

Unfortunately, there is no way to trick or manipulate a slot machine. The times that we live in and the technologies have brought to us the safest online casino environment ever. If you would like to read about some of the used methods, please visit the designated section on how to manipulate a slot machine.

🍀 Shall I switch slot machines if I have no luck?

As each slot machine operates with a random number generator, each spin has a stand-alone outcome. In other words, changing the slot machine does not promise that you will have a better win chance than the current game that you are playing. To gather more information, visit our common slot myths section.

🏆 How can I pick a winning slot machine?

You cannot really pick a winning game because there isn’t a 100% guaranteed winning slot machine. However, some offer more ways to generate earnings than others and even have additional bonuses and free spins. If you are interested in finding a game with great bonuses, check our top 10 most exciting bonus rounds in slots review