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Contender Portrait: All You Need to Know about Casino Opponents!

By: Sarah JonesApril 26, 2019

Observing your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your gambling style is really a great way to work through minimizing the negative qualities. Though, what poker profiling teaches us is that by focusing on understanding the image of other contestants, it can help you play by selecting the best counteract. Besides, do you know which slot types are less likely to become problem-gamblers? Find out here.

Final Table Poker Contestants at WPT in season 2017/2018

Male vs Female Players and their iGaming Approaches

The gender gap is evident even in casino settings. According to research by the University of Salford, females are often underrepresented on the poker tables. Female players claim that when making a large bet, their male peers believe they are bluffing, as a consequence, the male players make call bets. Female poker players also discuss the sexual harassment they experience and the fact that they are not respected by the group of male participants.

“Women aren’t usually respected at a table full of men. So, I just want to avoid “sweetheart” and “darling” and if I win a hand I want to avoid seeing (to the other guy) “you let a girl beat you.” The University of Salford, 2018

Otherwise, the typical casino player (not involving poker ones) is a female opponent in her late 40s playing 2 to 3 times per week and spending about £30 to £60 per sessions.

The main motive for them engaging in an online casino is making profits. However, the casino operator, they select to cooperate with, should deliver bonuses, diversity of games, payment methods and security licensing.

Meanwhile, online poker players are often males in their mid-20s to mid-30s, having visited 6 poker sites for the previous 3 months, playing at a single or simultaneously a second table with a minimum starting stake between 0.50p to £2.

Yet, both types of club members find online gambling to be attractive due to:

  • Convenience
  • Fun
  • Financial prizes
  • Privacy
  • No staff contact
  • Game and bonus alternative
  • A diverse pool of players
  • Relaxation

Some negative influences of online gambling involve:

  • Greater losses and financial commitment
  • Having issues with payment policies
  • Problem-gambling and underaged gambling
  • Tech issues
  • Unsatisfactory customer service

The online gambling realm delivers an accessible way to games in a private environment as well as promotional offers which could be tied up with heavy wagering responsibilities.However, the convenience of the internet also suggests that gambling is accessible to minors.

Problem gambling is an issue that has been around since the first casinos were open in the UK. Though, now it is even easier to develop an addiction as casinos get more creative than ever with their promotional strategies. Yet, here you would learn 10 of the most common types of online casino players, their characteristics and the reasons for which professional poker players just need to be profiled.

6 Types of Slot Players: Are You One of Them?

  • The System Builders who always bet the same amount of money, plays on high-variance slots with high RTP prospects even if the game does not seem so interesting. The more important detail is to get the bonus feature, or the free spins activated. They have a goal and are determined to accomplish it.
  • The Adventurist who pursues large winning sums with recklessness. You are drawn to progressive jackpot sums and high variance games. You are also likely to stack high on a slot for a long time without making a successful combination of symbols.
  • The Hunter Gatherer is someone who focuses on short term gains rather than the jackpot or the highest winning sum and the bonus rounds. *Look at some generous bonus round slots here.* They prefer to make small repeating wins.

Casino Player Sitting on a Slot Machine at the back of the Floor

  • The Immersive Player tends to spin reels for a long time until the slot lines already blur, and no signs can be distinguished. That is a player type likely to develop an issue due to the state of trance they fall in while playing slots. Taking time off and going back to rational thinking can ease the problem.
  • The Escapist looking for a way to get rid of stress or a problem. It feels like a relief to their emotional state when indulging into slots. While playing exciting games, the escapist replaces their low spirits with the hormone of happiness – endorphin.
  • The Fatalist believes that just after one more spin they would finally obtain what they have been aiming to in such a long time. Budgeting with this mindset is an essential part as the one-more-spin chant can lead to financial difficulties and impulsive behaviour.

4 Kinds of Poker Players: What is a Suitable Profile?

Before we head into a discussion about the various personalities of poker players, it is essential to remember that by assigning certain qualities for each player, it would also be frank to define their style of play added to your own habits while playing poker. Then, you can acknowledge your weaknesses to protect yourself better. So, here are 4 classic poker players that you may encounter on the Hold’em table including yourself.

  • The Rock is someone who begins with tight hands but passive bets. In other words, it is a player who rarely bets on very few hands. The telling sign here is that if they make a bet, it is likely that they hold a strong hand.

Some weaknesses of this style are the missed opportunities originating from not betting on some good hands. In case you play against a rock person you can win without anyone calling or raising when you are the one raising to 3BB. Or else, if they make a bet or raise, take the most sensible decision and fold all your next rounds.

  • The Calling Station player is someone who has recently begun to play poker. The style is described as playing initial hands but seldom making bets or doubling and tripling the wager. Some risks involve not playing to their fullest potential and always having the second-best hand in the game as they go through several weak hands.

A strategy to defeat this opponent is not to bluff as he would call the bluffs. Instead, make bets with stronger hands if they have gone for the blind bets. Fold weak to medium hands, if the Calling Station person has made a bet.

The Rock, Calling Station, Lag and Tag Poker Personality Players Distributed in 4 Quadrants According the Initial Bets and Bet Tendencies during The Game.

  • The TAG player would start off with playing a few hands but rarely calls. The good aspect of this style that they could either win by holding a strong hand or make other players fold with their aggressive tactic. On the downside, there is an increased risk of losing the stack/pot by not having a hand strong enough.

If a TAG person raises, your best strategy would be to fold. On the other side, if you hold a strong hand yourself, you can match their bets by raising with a pair of Ace, Kings and Queens. If you learn to be a player with TAG character, it is one of the most rewarding strategies, so definitely give it a go.

  • The LAG contestant plays many hands and rarely calls. Their style is aggressive, and it is not recommended for beginners. This style poses a challenge to comprehend their intentions. They are often falsely blamed for always bluffing and winning by holding the best hand or making the rest fold.

A piece of advice for this player is to be modest and call it quits when done since they risk of losing the last penny. The most optimal strategy in the case is to become an experienced player yourself to match their bluffs. Then, you can play with more hands and raise when they bet before the flop.

3 Other Varieties of General Casino Customers

Okay, until now we looked at some poker and slot players but what about the ones who enjoy baccarat, blackjack and roulette games? Here, we would reflect on the 3 most common types among those of you who enjoy classic games.

  1. The player that does not need luck… but luck needs them… You could say that for some extraordinary people. At least there is always someone who scores a lucky win early in their betting stages before even understanding the rules of the game. The following statements display two forthcoming decisions.
    • a. The player never comes back since he believes that the luck would not occur twice in the same casino

    • b. They would start betting greater sums.
  2. High Rollers are approximately ¾ of the customers as well as the most valuable asset that online casinos seek to retain with VIP treatments and special services. Assuredly, clients who do not invest as much as the high-rollers could also enter the VIP zone by proving their loyalty and dedication.
  3. The casual/vacationer player would be someone who occasionally plays, normally in the short run. Next, if they decide to play long term, their status would change. They can decide whether they would put emphasis on the price or the payout rate.

Final Remarks

Have you found any of those styles resonating with your inner self and the level of experience? We hope that by sharing this article, you gain new insights on players’ personalities. See you soon and take care!