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Gemix Slot – Full Game Details

Cascading collections of jewels have long been a common sight among slot games, whether online or in a land-based casino. But the freedom of design offered by the online gaming sphere has given developers, like Play’n GO, leave to take a normal game and turn it so far on its head that you’re not really sure if, in fact, you are still playing a slot game. See what we mean in our free demo game below.

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An Overview of the Rules and Features

Strap in, this slot from Play’n GO is a doozy. What we’re looking for in the Gemix seven-by-seven grid is matching clusters of five or more symbols. When a match is found, the jewels will disappear from the grid, and the symbols resting above them will fall again to fill the newly-vacated spaces (thanks, gravity). Additional jewels will also appear to fill the whole grid, hopefully making more and more clusters of matching gems. That’s the easy part. If 20 jewels are matched during a single spin, it will activate one of four exuberantly-named special crystals. All have a different effect on the symbols in the grid, either destroying them or transforming them into different symbols, potentially making new matching clusters. This slot is a little different in that a new spin doesn’t reset the entire game. There is a background pattern in the grid and creating a matching cluster over this pattern will activate the square. Activate them all, and you level up. If you level up three times, you change to a different ‘world’ which essentially introduces a different background and alters the way the wild symbols work. The wild symbols are only ever randomly activated on non-winning spins, so a full grid with no clusters isn’t necessarily game-over. In World One, an adorable ginger-bearded miner – let’s call him Jeff – lights the way with his wild symbol, in the shape of a lantern, randomly placed across the grid for you. Cheers, Jeff!

  • Game Information
  • Category: Unconventional Slot
  • Provider:
  • Theme: Jewels and Art
  • Reels: 7
  • Rows: 7
  • Paylines:
  • Lines Pay: Clusters of five or more
  • Bet per Spin: £0.50 - £100
  • Return to Player: 96.75%
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  • Basic Rules
  • Wild: Activated randomly on non-win spins
  • Multiplier:
  • Gamble:
  • Free Spins:
  • Bonus Round:
  • Progressive Jackpot:
  • Maximum Win: x100,000
  • Special Features: Progressive gameplay
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All Symbols and Payouts

  • Star symbol in Gemix slot gameStar 6x 7007x 1,0008x 1,5009x 2,50010x 4,000
  • Heart symbol in Gemix slot gameHeart 6x 3507x 5008x 7509x 1,00010x 1,500
  • Moon symbol in Gemix slot gameMoon 6x 2007x 3008x 4009x 75010x 1,200
  • Flower symbol in Gemix slot gameFlower 6x 1207x 1458x 2509x 50010x 800
  • Pentagon symbol in Gemix slot gamePentagon 6x 607x 808x 1209x 20010x 400
  • Square symbol in Gemix slot gameSquare 6x 407x 508x 709x 10010x 200
  • Triangle symbol in Gemix slot gameTriangle 6x 307x 408x 509x 8010x 120
  • Rectangle symbol in Gemix slot gameRectangle 6x 207x 308x 409x 5010x 80
  • Lantern symbol in Gemix slot game (Wild)
  • Lollipop symbol in Gemix slot game (Wild)
  • Book symbol in Gemix slot game (Wild)
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Conclusion – Barely a Slot, but Still Cute

Whether simply offering distinguishing features in order to stand out, or to give the bored slot designers at Play’n GO something a bit different to do for once, Gemix is certainly unique. There’s a lot going on all at once, so the game takes a bit of concentration and investigation to figure out, but once you have done so, the game is fun. The goal of levelling up to work towards is well good, keeping us spinning time after time. Did this slot make sense to you? Let us know if you’ve figured it out in the comments below.

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