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The Most Popular and Weird Slot Machine Superstitions

By: Sarah JonesFebruary 26, 2018

Do you consider yourself to be superstitious? Do you avoid walking under ladders? Do you cringe at the prospect of 7 years bad luck after breaking a mirror? Do you keep your umbrella firmly closed indoors? Well if you visit a casino, you will find plenty more superstitions in action.

You see, gamblers can be a pretty superstitious group. No more so than slots players. There are plenty of widely held superstitions when it comes to slot machines. In this article, we’ll have a look at the most common ones and determine whether there is any merit to the practices, or whether they are simply myths.

Hot and Cold Coins

There is a belief held by many slots players that you increase your chances of winning by playing with hot coins. As such, you may see people rubbing their coins before inserting them into a one-armed bandit. There are others however who think the trick to cracking a slot is by inserting cold coins. Either way, it is fair to say that this is purely a myth. Each spin of the slot machine is random and is not influenced in any way by the temperature of the coins.

Standing Up

Whilst you will usually find seats in front of slot machines in a casino, there is a commonly held belief that you are more likely to win if you remain standing. The reason for this? Some players believe that the slot machine knows if you are comfortable, and is less likely to pay out. They figure that if you are comfortable, the machine will give you a losing streak, as you are less likely to get up and move to another machine. Now before you online slots players start standing to attention in front of your PCs, let’s take a minute to query this belief. The truth is, again, that each spin of the slot machine is a random event, and as such, it matters not whether you are sitting, standing or even lying down. Your chances of winning remain the same whatever position you choose to play in.

Location is Key

Many players swear by playing slot machines located near the entrance to the casino. Such players believe that machines with looser payouts are generally placed here, rather than in the middle or the back of the casino. Now, this is one superstition that may actually warrant some merit. It is logical that casino operators would place machines with looser payouts near the entrance to create an exciting atmosphere for players walking through the doors and to entice other gamblers.

New Slots Improve Your Chances of Winning

A very common slot machine superstition is that new online slots provide better payouts. Many think that casinos allow higher payouts on new games to encourage players to try them out. In fairness, this is a myth which is encouraged by casinos as it draws more players to spend their money. The truth, however, is that no slots are rigged. They are subject to strict standards and the 1st spin has the same odds of winning as the 10,000th spin. When it comes to online casinos, playing new slots can have its advantages, however. Whilst the games are 100% legitimate, random and fair, operators may offer generous bonuses and promos to play new games. By taking advantage of free spins and other such offers, you can get more play time for your money.

Avoid Using Your Player Club Card

Using your player club card at a casino can bring you many benefits, such as discounts, bonuses and other such perks. Yet there are plenty of slots players that believe the player card can reduce your chances of winning. They rationalise that casino operators can track how much you are winning, and if they deem that you are winning too much, they will make the machine stop paying out. This is complete bunkum! Whilst it is true that the operator can see how much you are winning, they have no power to adjust the payouts of machines. Each spin of the machine is random, and the casino cannot fix the machine to stop you from winning.

Touching the Screen

Stand around the slot machines in a casino, and you will no doubt see some players methodically tapping and rubbing the screen. The theory is that by touching certain symbols, such as wilds, they are more likely to land on the next spin and provide you with big payouts. Alternatively, if the bonus symbols have landed on reels 1 and 2, by rubbing the next reels, you increase the likelihood of another landing to trigger the bonus round. Any logical person will tell you that this is a pointless exercise. In fact, the only impact this will have on the game is to leave smears across the screen!

If A Slot Has Not Paid Out for a While, Expect a Payout Soon

A widely held superstition is that when you play a slot which has not paid out for a while, you are due a payout. In a similar way, it is believed that if the jackpot has been paid out recently, then it will not pay out again for ages. The downfall in this argument is that each and every spin on a slot machine is a single, random event. The outcome of the spin is determined by a random number generator and is not influenced in any way by the previous spins. The random nature of slot machines means that at no point does the machine owe you. Having a losing streak does not mean that you are due a winning streak anytime soon.

Online Slots are Fixed

There are some people who play slots regularly at land based casinos, yet avoid playing online. They reason that online slots are rigged, reducing your chances of winning. This is one myth that does not hold any weight. Online casinos are subject to strict licencing rules and are monitored by respected regulatory bodies including the UK Gambling Commission. Operators must invite independent testing of their RNG’s and game payout percentages, by organisations such as eCOGRA, TST and GLI, to prove that they are completely random and fair. Whilst there may be some shady, rogue operators online, by playing at licenced casinos, you can have complete confidence that games have not been tampered with.

Lucky Mascots

You will find lucky mascots and trinkets in abundance around slots players. Some people believe that certain objects bring them luck and will not play without their trinket of choice close by. As such, you may see all sorts of objects surrounding slots players. From traditional lucky mascots such as a horse shoe and a rabbit’s foot to mini statues of buddha and family photos, people put their belief in a wide range of objects to bring them good luck. Whilst there is clearly no scientific basis for lucky mascots increasing your success, this is a harmless belief that can add to the enjoyment and playing experience for some.

It All Comes Down to Luck Really

Whilst there is no shortage of superstitions attached to slot machines, as we have seen in this article, the vast majority are just that – superstitions. They are farfetched beliefs which have no scientific or even logical basis. Slots are random and there is little you can do to influence your chances of winning. As long as you understand this point, then you can sit back and enjoy the entertainment of playing your favourite games at the best slot casinos 2024. And if you find rubbing a rabbit’s foot whilst you hit the spin button makes you feel lucky, then who am I to tell you otherwise!

Popular Questions About Slot Machines Superstitions

Yes, there are a lot of weird and funny superstitions about slot machines! We did our best to gather the best ones there are, yet, there might be something that we might have missed. For your convenience, we’ve prepared a small FAQ section, where you can find the answers to some of the questions gamblers often ask. We hope that this might help you find what you need to know about slot machines.

👉 Why Do People Touch Slot Machine Screens?

There is a popular belief that if a Wild symbol appears, you must touch the screen of the one-armed bandit and rub the reels you would want the Wild to show up so that you can hit a bonus round and free spins. It is a weird superstition that doesn't work and leaves awful smudges on the screen of the machine.

🔧 Are Slot Machines Rigged?

There are a lot of players that get frustrated when they don't win. Maybe this is where the popular myth that slots are rigged came from. This is a superstition that is not true at all. All good land-based and online casinos are licensed and strictly regulated by the respected authorities, meaning that it is illegal to 'fix' their slot machines.

🤔 How Do I Pick a Winning Slot Machine?

Something that a lot of players believe is that you could pick a slot machine that has a looser payout. Some say that these are usually located near the entrance of a land-based casino to attract new players and to give them a boost to play more. There might be a little truth in this theory, yet, there is no proof.

♨ How Can You Tell If a Slot Machine Is Hot?

There are a lot of slots available both live and online. You might say that slot machines are taking over the world! But this odd superstition is false. The 'hot' slot machine comes from the superstition that if your coins are hotter, you'll have a higher chance to win.

🌙 Do Slots Pay More At Night?

Hot water and electricity in some countries are indeed cheaper at night. However, this does not apply for slot machines or any other form of gambling - there is no guarantee you will win immediately. Slot machines, like most gambling games, generate random results and it all comes to pure luck for you to hit the big cash.

🤞 Are Slot Machines Pure Luck?

You cannot make a slot machine to give you the jackpot. The one-armed bandit is pure luck – it generates random combinations that might give you nothing or everything. The slot machine has an interesting origin and a complex design. However, if Lady Luck is not on your side, don't expect too much!