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Stand Out in the Betting World – Learn How to Stay Popular

By: Cat MarshallJune 5, 2019

Becoming an Angel from Popular Video Slot is the Best Trick

Staying Popular in the World of Gambling – Top 10 Tips

Playing at the best gambling sites is a great tip, but it is not enough to stay fashionable in the world of betting. It will require trickier and more difficult endeavours like making your blog and sharing your experience with other famous gamblers. We will tell you all about that and many more surprising bits of advice in this blog post! A collection of the top 10 tips and tricks on how to stay fashionable in the betting world is following right next. We organised them from top to bottom by a single criterion which is, simply put: awesomeness. You do need to be excellent to become popular in the betting world!

#10 Find Benchmark Software Providers and Play Their Slots

Benchmark Software Providers: Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, IGT

Playing only the best video slots makes you feel relaxed just by waiting and watching the intro of the game while it is still loading. It may only be the logo of the software provider or the animation of the loading bar or a real intro of the slot that looks like a little movie. Well, to feel calm, you will first need to know the benchmark software providers and to play slot games only from their catalogues. Besides the fantastic intro, you can also enjoy the best of the best because it is quite likely that you will play the world’s most popular gambling games. If you are still not aware of the top software providers and their games, we could advise you to check out the portfolios of NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and IGT. Each of which is among the leading companies in supplying software for slot playing to some of the UK’s best casinos as well. There are even entire gambling sites that offer the slots of either provider exclusively. The Playtech slots, for example, can be played solely at more than just one or two online casinos, which is pretty awesome.

#9 Get Inspired by Something Popular in Gambling

Listen to Your Favourite Band While Playing Music-Themed Slots

It is essential to get inspired by either the latest movies about betting or by other famous gamblers, at least. Even the fact that you are reading your favourite gambling magazine is good enough to catch the real essence of the betting inspiration. Perhaps one of the best slot tips and tricks is to play a music-themed game because many popular titles will capture your attention if you are a music fan. From rock and roll and jazz to contemporary disco songs – check out this blog post about the top 10 music-themed slots because it has it all! Another great tip is to watch a favourite gambling movie as a source of inspiration. We have an independent review of the best gambling movies too, or even a better idea is to get the real adventure started right now by playing one of the top 10 movie-themed slots like Man of Steel by Playtech.

#8 Always Choose New Casino Sites to Play Slots

Play Slots Only at the UK's Newest Online Casinos

Playing only at the newest casino sites will also help you to stay fashionable. If you still wonder why – well, think of the numerous privileges that the latest gambling sites offer to their clients. Examples include gold VIP membership with personal account managers, exclusive gift sets, invites for special events and so on. The new online casinos are the best, so if you don’t know how to stay fashionable – make sure to give them a try. They offer a contemporary appearance and fresh design, games from top software developers and fantastic bonus schemes. Although new, these casinos should be licenced by the UKGC and they should be safe to play as well. The feel of being first in something is undoubtedly advantageous to boost your popularity among your friends and followers and to play at the newest slot casinos in the UK is maybe the best way to do it in style.

#7 Go For the Biggest Welcome Bonuses

Outstanding Slot Offers with Bonus Money and Free Spins

Looking for a generous promotion? Bonus hunting always works, especially if you are new to a casino. The thing is that most online casinos adjust their welcome bonuses in such a way that they are most appealing for playing video slots. If this category of gambling pastimes is your most favourite, then you are in the right place because we know the casinos with the most significant bonuses out there! From free spins to over a thousand £ in bonus money and even no-deposit bonuses – you can take your favourite from some of the best offers available today. That’s precisely what makes the top 10 casinos in the link above also some of the most popular betting sites in the UK! Remember that you often have 100% match up bonus of your first deposit and in almost 100% of the cases, you can play with it precisely on video slots because they offer a full 100% contribution towards the wagering requirements. Some players even consider the casinos with the biggest bonuses as the best gambling sites ever!

#6 Go Mobile When Playing Slots

Impressive 3D Effects When Playing Popular Slots on Mobile Devices

Simply put, play mobile slots because you can do it everywhere! That is not the best tip on how to stay popular either, but people use their smartphones for so much more things than just talking. So, don’t remain old-school and, instead, let’s get popular by playing some of the best games like Mega Moolah, Jurassic Park, Cleopatra or something else while you are on the go. An even cooler benefit is that nowadays, almost all the online casinos optimised their sites for mobile gaming. The choice is enormous, but there are a few mobile casino apps that stand out among others. It could be either because of the bonus, the range of games or simply because of the casino’s popularity, or maybe something else. Go mobile and find out!

#5 Try to Strike the Jackpot(s)

Strike a Big Win or Jackpot of a Slot

If you win it, it will certainly make you famous! Of course, striking the enormous jackpot while playing a popular slot is all about getting lucky but you can at least make something to increase your chances. For instance, things like playing mostly progressive jackpot slots is a way to enhance this probability, while betting on roulette or other table games will instead make it impossible because you play a game without a jackpot. The other progressive slot tips and tricks are mostly related to the size of your bets because usually, you have to meet some requirements to qualify for the jackpot. Transferring your bet to a ‘Supermeter’, just like in the Jackpot 6000 slot by NetEnt, is only an example. Hitting the jackpot is rather unlikely, but at least you could make it plausible. Check out our story about the biggest slot machine wins in history if you want to learn more about these so miraculous jackpots.

#4 Make Betting Scandals

Cheating or Making a Scandal Might Make You Popular

Well, we will not give you any advice on how to do it properly because let’s face it – provoking any scandal involves something unacceptable. We can give you some pretty interesting examples of how other famous gamblers did it so you can know better what to do or not. There are many gambling news stories about scandals that look more like a nicely made PR. To stay popular in the betting world, you will need it anyway. Manipulating horse racing competitions is such an example, and you can see in this article more information about this subject. The increase of people involved in underage gambling is another matter that is quite appealing for provoking betting scandals. Either way, make sure to think about all the effects and possible consequences before answering the question ‘How to stay popular in the betting world?’ with a scandalous behaviour or something like that!

#3 Bet On Currently Popular Games

Play the Today Most Popular Video Slot – Starburst by NetEnt

They might be the most popular sports at the moment or the most popular video slots at the casino. You can find them in either the ‘new’ and ‘popular’ category of games or by following the currently held significant sports events. For instance, let’s take the final episode of GoT – some of the best gambling sites in the UK offer Game of Thrones 2019 betting. It is currently one of the most highlighted opportunities to place your bets along with other iconic sports like the World Cup betting. Other famous gambling games include tennis, rugby, greyhounds, cricket and the list goes on. Moreover, if you are more in the casino games, another excellent idea is to participate in a slot tournament! You can chat with people if the casino supports such a feature, as well as play your favourite video and classic slots. If you don’t know how the slot tournament works – there is no need to worry, we have a full blog post on this subject which can be helpful. Not every UK gambling site offers an opportunity to bet in a slot tournament, but if it does, it will be an excellent way to make yourself just a little bit more popular in the betting world. Some of the most popular betting games take part in such a slot tournament so it is somewhat likely that you can find your most favourite slot there and bet on it.

#2 Make Yourself a Betting Blog or Journal

Make Yourself a Betting Blog and Social Network Profiles

We are getting adjacent to the real deal in this blog post. Top advice #2 is all about making yourself liked by enhancing your presence in the online social networks, blogs, discussion forums and other special interest groups related to betting. You will wonder how many of them are on the agenda and you can participate in most of them for free. Make yourself a betting blog by using an open platform as a start, then a Facebook and YouTube channel. Several famous gamblers are YouTubers who vlog on a regular or daily basis. ‘Davo Slots’ and ‘Slotlady’ are just a couple of examples. Once you enhance your online presence, you could easily follow the latest trends and gambling news stories, as well as quickly share your experience about your big wins and jackpot hits throughout the network.

#1 Go to a World Renowned Gambling Destination

Play in Las Vegas Casino and Stay on Top of the Gambling World

There is one very effective way how to stay fashionable in the betting world, and that’s precisely our top choice for this list. It comes to a trip to one or some of the world’s most popular gambling destinations like Las Vegas, Macau or Monte Carlo, for example. There are many other iconic places around the world which are famous for their gambling opportunities, each of which is a beautiful choice to escape for a while from your daily routine and enjoy an unforgettable adventure. Las Vegas is most certainly one of the most famous places where not only wealthy and famous people go to relax and unwind but also many gamblers who want to party and try their luck on blackjack, roulette, slot machine or another casino game. Las Vegas is often called ‘The Gambling Capital of the World’ and this is not by chance. Check out this blog post to get a better perspective of how much would it cost to go there and enjoy a fabulous vacation with lots of gambling pastimes. Well, London also has its fantastic casino destinations where the wealthy and famous go to play. London Hippodrome Casino is one of the best gambling sites in the world, and it is much closer than Las Vegas, so, during your next trip to London, make sure to stop by and book a seat for a game session or two.

So, What’s the Best Tip to Stay Popular in the Betting World?

Hope you’ve enjoyed these top 10 slot tips and tricks that will potentially increase your popularity among your friends and other gamblers. From playing the world’s most popular slots online to visiting an iconic land-based casino in a top gambling destination – there are plenty of ways to stay fashionable in the betting world. There is one very essential thing after all. This important thing is to get lucky. You will need a lot of luck to win the massive prize in a slot tournament or to exit several casinos with a big win in a single night. So, consider these top 10 slot tips and tricks only as a guide and not as must-dos. Add more things if you know some and consider sharing this post with friends and other gamblers as well, or maybe don’t because you may want to stay more popular than them!

Being Famous in the Gambling World Is Ambitious